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Good Day!

The waxing Moon reaches its first quarter and then enters Virgo while the Sun transitions from Taurus into Gemini today.  But just before the Sun leaves Taurus, it makes its last harmonious aspect with Uranus in Pisces.

This is the final time the Taurus Sun will make this particular aspect because Uranus will move out of Pisces and into Aries on May 28.  So this is the last time in 84 years we’ll experience this supremely beneficial aspect with the Sun in Taurus and Uranus in Pisces.

The aspect is called a sextile, and it occurs when two planets are 60 degrees from each other.  This angle forms a flow of exchange between two planets that is supportive and reinforcing in the very best way.  Uranus, which has been in the water sign Pisces for the last seven years, finds a true partner with the Sun in the earth sign, Taurus.  Water signs give content; earth signs give form.

Over the last seven years Uranus has given us innovation and invention in business in a particularly Piscean fashion.  Pisces is the sign of immersion in the collective; of recognizing that the needs of the whole are more important than our personal needs.  While Uranus has been in Pisces we’ve seen flattening of management hierarchies, a marked increase in global transactions and interactions, and moving parts which come together for specific purposes and then split apart again to form new groups.  We’ve learned the importance of the “culture” of our business and its mysterious impact on our profits.  We’ve learned “emotional intelligence”, a Uranus in Pisces phrase if there ever was one!

In our businesses we’ve had to rely on diversification and collaboration to keep afloat.  We’ve seen the ascendance of social media and the internet and many of us have been dragged into it to give us the reach we needed to survive.  And sustainability for our businesses and our world has come to the forefront of our attention and our decisions.

Today is a great day for one last dip into this ocean of connectivity because the Taurus Sun will keep our goals realistic.  When Uranus enters Aries our style of innovation will markedly change.  But let’s take advantage of this last sextile of the Sun and Uranus in Pisces.  Here are some ideas to make the most of the day:

  • Gather your team and review all of the progress you’ve made in the last seven years.  Cite every breakthrough you’ve accomplished along the way.  Acknowledge how far you’ve come.
  • Put on the table all of the ideas that you’ve played with but were unable to materialize.  Do any of them still have traction?  Today would be the best day to make a plan for implementation.
  • Acknowledge all of the connections you’ve made, especially those garnered through the use of social media.  Contact these colleagues and customers in an appropriate way to let them know you appreciate working with them and hope to continue the relationship in the future.
  • Trade places with one of your employees or colleagues, even for a couple of hours.  You could each come up with realistic solutions for the other today.  Or let a junior member of your staff sit in your seat for the day.  Excellent ideas with practical applications can be born.
  • Hold a session where your staff tells each other how they joined your company and what concrete steps they’d like to take to see their career grow.  You may be surprised that the talent you’re looking for is right in the room with you.

These are some ideas; I’m sure you can come up with others.  The theme is “connection leads to practical innovation” today:  our last nod to Uranus in Pisces grounded by the Sun in Taurus.

Have a great day!

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