Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Phases of the Moon, as seen from the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere will see a mirror image of this phase. (Source:Wikipedia)

Hello, everyone.

This week is all about one thing.  Well, two, if you count the Full Moon, but the ingress of Uranus into Aries is the really big news.  I think the Full Moon with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini is like a giant spotlight announcing the entrance of Uranus into Aries.  When you see the Full Moon on Thursday evening, remember that, invisible to us, Uranus is sliding over the point separating Aries from Pisces.

Uranus’ cycle around the Sun is 84 years; the last time it entered Aries was in 1927.  Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this week is the beginning of a new Uranus cycle.  Aries carries the energy of new beginnings and of the establishment of differentiation from the whole.  When Uranus was in Pisces we saw the ascendancy of the group and technological breakthroughs focused on connecting across barriers.  Aries is a very different energy.  Aries is the spark of individuation that causes a person, or a country, or a movement to want to stand outside the group, to establish itself as an independent entity.  Aries is much more focused on individual achievement, on making a name for oneself separate from the crowd.

Uranus governs technology, innovation, invention, and breakthrough on a societal scale.  Let’s see:  has there been a major cycle of innovation over the last 84 years?  Let’s look at a few of the breakthroughs that happened last time Uranus was in Aries.

  • First feature length talkie  (1927)
  • Big bang theory developed by Georges Lemaitre (1927)
  • Shanghai Massacre begins Chinese Civil War (1927)
  • Oscar DePriest is the 1st black Representative elected in a Northern State in USA (1928)
  • Discovery of Penicillin and its ability to fight bacterial infection(1928)
  • First large scale Jewish-Arab violence in Jerusalem (1929)
  • Einstein presents Unified Field theory (1929)
  • Stockmarket crash, 1st financial disaster of the Great Depression (1929)
  • First analog computer, called a differential analyzer (1930)
  • Refrigerators made safe for household use (1931)
  • Electron microscope invented (1931)
  • Amelia Earhart flies the Atlantic solo (1932)
  • Atom split first time by Cockcroft and Walton (1932)
  • Roosevelt elected and utters famous statement, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (1933)
  • Nazi terror begins; Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany (1933)
  • Mao Zedong begins Long March in China (1934)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission established (1934)
  • Persia becomes Iran (1935)
  • Nazis enact Nuremberg Laws to prevent racial pollution (1935)
  • DuPont creates Nylon, the first synthetic fabric (1935)

Of course there are many more examples and many achievements outside of this particular time period.  I chose these as examples of the kind of inventiveness that marks the beginning of the cycle.  In each of these examples you can clearly see two facets:  incredible developments in society and the kind of innovations that went far beyond the beginning of the cycle and affected the whole of life over the entire Uranus cycle of 84 years.

Uranus will spend just two ½ months in Aries before, due to retrograde motion, it returns to Pisces in mid-August.  It remains in Pisces until March 2011 when it reenters Aries for the next seven years.  I think this makes the next two ½ months most interesting.  What glimmers will we see of the coming time?  I think we’ll all sense a change in the tone of societal advances and be more than willing to spend a little more time in interdependent Pisces before we step firmly into Aries next Spring.  But keep track of what’s new around you and in your business, because change is coming!

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For further reading on Uranus in Aries, here are some links to articles on Uranus that were written for the International Astrology Blog Carnival last March. They lay down a good foundation, even though not strictly written for business entrepreneurs. I’ve written a short explanation of each.

Ellen says – This is a great explanation of the interplay of the energies and suggestions for how to cope. Not business, but good.

Ellen says – A great astrologer, Steven Forrest looks at Uranus in each of the houses of the natal chart. Not business oriented but that doesn’t stop us from making the correlations. Remember, if you don’t know where Uranus is transiting in your chart, see the sidebar. I’ll send you your chart and let you know where Uranus is.

Ellen says – Molly Hall explains Uranus in Aries to teens or to anyone who’s ever been a teen. A great read based on The Fool card of the Tarot, she gives a series of tips about how to walk into the coming trend.

Ellen says – CJ Wright gives us insight into Uranus by sharing her reader’s stories of their Uranus transits. The first-hand stories really give you a sense of how Uranus operates. In the comments she responds to a reader saying she thinks Uranus in Aries may be a catalyst for entrepreneurs, and I agree.

Ellen says – This one’s really great, especially if you’re interested in Second Life, as I am. I never thought of SL as connected to Uranus before, and I wonder how it will change when Uranus moves into Aries. It’s a great read.

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