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Good Day!

Today the still-waxing Moon enters Scorpio.  When the Moon is in Scorpio the people around us want to bond, to connect deeply, and to share materially.  Giving and receiving is often the theme of the Scorpio Moon and interactions that hold lessons about the difference between a business transaction and an emotional transaction.

This is all good except when the Sun is in Gemini, as it is now.  In Gemini our focus is on communication, sales, and getting the word out about our product or services.   We don’t want to be tied down and we naturally crave variety.  We shun the long, heartfelt talk an employee or client may need in favor of a quick word and a dash out the door.

One way or another we’re going to have to slow down and show up for others today.  Once we do, we will recognize that there is information just beneath the surface that actually helps our marketing and sales rather than hinders them.  Someone could reveal a secret that puts everything in its place or gives you the edge you’ve been looking for.

With the Moon in harmony with Venus in Cancer, you could receive a gift today, and if you do, take the time to do something sweet in return.  If the gift comes with a sense of obligation, take it in stride.  That feeling will pass within a few days but the mutual benefit won’t. 

Actually, others have your best interests in mind; they truly care about your success today.  If you can avoid feeling indebted to them, this can be one great day!

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