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Good Day!

How has your week been so far?  Are you feeling the approaching Full Moon and the transition of Uranus into Aries on Thursday?

The Full Moon, a 29 day cycle

The Full Moon is a monthly phenomenon and the Moon’s cycles in astrology primarily represent the ups and downs of everyday life.  The Moon corresponds to the people we meet day to day and the emotional reactions and responses that form our daily experience.  The Full Moon is a peak of activity, interaction, and accomplishment.  An idea, project, or alliance born with the New Moon gains speed and traction in the two weeks that the Moon waxes to Full, enjoys a few days of fruition, and then loses energy as we approach the next New Moon.  Then the cycle begins again.

Given the constant repetitiveness of the cycle and its relatively short duration, you can sense that the Moon affects the rolling, repeating, personal aspects of life:  what time do you go to your desk each day?  What will you eat today?  Gassing up the car.  Pruning the roses.  Balancing your bank statement.  Weekly meetings with employees.  Paying the bills.  Washing the clothes.  Heading home from work each day.

Today, the day before the Full Moon, it’s like we’ve pushed a boulder almost all of the way up a hill. We’re so close, with just a bit more exertion we’ll top the hill and the boulder will begin to roll on its own.  And today, we’re lucky because there is an aspect between the Moon and Mars that will give us that extra push we need, a burst of will power that can take us over the top.  Keep going; you’re almost there.

Uranus in Aries, an 84 year cycle

The transition of Uranus into Aries on Thursday is a much more far-reaching event.  Unlike the monthly cycle of the Moon, the cycle of Uranus is 84 years!  Standing at the cusp of this event is like standing at the birth of a baby, or a scientific discovery, or a new government.  This is not a coming and going kind of event; it marks the beginning of a long, long cycle which will most likely outlast our lifetimes.

It’s very natural to feel in limbo at this time, or in “the neutral zone” as William Bridges defines the term in his book, Managing Transitions.  It is an in-between time that can be uncomfortable with its lack of clear direction for the future.  We know the old is dying but we don’t know yet what is being born.

So this week can potentially feel pretty weird.  One part of us resonates with the Full Moon and the push to accomplish; the other part of us feels the transition point between the old and the new and an underlying disorientation.  There’s a lot to do in our daily lives, but the bigger picture is fuzzy at best.

Does this sound about right?  There’s a fascinating interplay of energies all week.  Tomorrow, we’ll look at some suggestions for how to deal with “the neutral zone.”

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