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Good Day!

Happy Full Moon Day!  And welcome, Uranus, to Aries, to the point of new beginnings, new adventures, new challenges, new discoveries, a new fresh start.  Today, with Uranus, we can set down the last cycle of 84 years, say goodbye, and start anew.

The Moon begins today in the last few degrees of Scorpio.  Since most of the outer planets are in the final degrees of their respective signs, the Moon forms aspects to them, one after another, all day.  First she sextiles Saturn, then trines Jupiter, squares Neptune, trines Uranus, enters Sagittarius where she semisextiles Pluto, and then becomes Full.  Only then does Uranus cross into Aries.

I thought this was really cool.  It’s like all of the outer planets show up today for the moment of birth.  And each planet gives a blessing to the new start.  Saturn gives discipline; Jupiter gives luck; Neptune gives compassion; Uranus gives insight; and Pluto gives depth.  After the Moon has collected each of these gifts, she stands in perfect balance to the Sun in Gemini to announce the new cycle that is beginning.

Today brings you into contact with each of these planetary energies.  Some will come in temporal form and others come unseen.  Welcome all of them.  Really it’s like a party, a christening.  Join the fun.  This is the first day of the next 84 years!

What are some ways to honor the energy of Uranus?  Here are some ideas:

  • Buy a new piece of technology.
  • Join a humanitarian cause.
  • Take your telescope out and look at the Moon.
  • Read up on some of the trends that began last time Uranus was in Aries.  (See a listing in this post, Welcome Uranus in Aries.)
  • Speak to someone 84 years old.  Ask them how they’re feeling these days.  Ask them what’s new.  Ask them to mentor you.
  • Ask your younger friends and employees what they think will be the next cool invention.
  • Feed your mind.
  • Dabble in a medium you’ve never tried before.
  • Explore Uranus using the links below.


Check out this cool video.  It’s “Time Keeps on Slipping” by the Steve Miller Band.  I picked it because it has some awesome Uranus-type images, from the changing sky to electronics.  The lyrics remind me of Uranus, with its future orientation and the video even has a great Aries image at the end.  See if you can catch it!


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