Hello, everyone.

How are you doing?  Was yesterday a BIG BANG?  It was for me but I’ll get into that later.

Were you awake in the night?  So many people were, myself included, with that Full Moon shining in my window and the excitement of Uranus entering Aries, sight unseen.

Today I heard a really fine interview on blogtalkradio’s “Grace, Grit and Gratitude with JaiKaur.”  JaiKaur was interviewing Diane Booth Gilliam, the creator and owner of Yogastrology.  (You can listen to the interview here.) In the course of their conversation they spoke about something that made me think, yes, Uranus in Aries.

Some context first:  many astrologers are predicting pretty dire consequences with Uranus in Aries.  Aries is the sign ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war.  This hot-headed god tended to act first and think later (if at all).  The Mars energy can be selfish, or at least self-referential, and full of desire.  Mars sees what it wants and takes it.  So it is concerning that Uranus, which brings change, rebellion, and technological advancement is in cahoots with this god of war.

But Diane and JaiKaur were speaking about Uranus in Aries in a totally different context.  In fact, they weren’t even speaking specifically about Uranus in Aries but I could hear its influence in what they were saying.

They were talking about how for so many years we have all felt powerless to address the challenges of our world, especially those caused by government, big business, and the other powers that be.  But they were saying that there is a new movement afoot – one in which we are all coming to the understanding that we are individually powerful and that each act we perform has the power to change our world.

This is the positive side of Uranus in Aries.  The one willing to take responsibility for the whole even if that means standing alone to do so.  The lone hunter who provides for the entire tribe.  The individual with the courage to speak out on behalf of others.  The inspired entrepreneur who through her efforts improves other people’s lives.

Perhaps we won’t be working in concert with others so much as we did when Uranus was in Pisces.  But in breaking free of the crowd we can break free of groupthink, too.  What do we think when we stand outside of the cluster we have identified with?  What is the truth for us alone?  With the courage of Aries, we can act from our own truth.  This is the upside of Uranus in Aries.

Ellen’s breakthrough

When I started this blog last year on June 23 I told myself I’d give it one year of focused effort and then reevaluate.  I wasn’t sure there were that many people who were interested in the intersection of astrology and business, so I objectified my efforts with a goal:  100 readers a day.  If I didn’t reach 100, I would recognize that the topic wasn’t of interest and find something else to write about.

Yesterday, with Uranus in Aries in a beautiful supportive exact trine to my natal Sun in Sagittarius, and just finishing an action-producing square to my Moon and Ascendant, I broke 100!  In fact, I had 118 visits yesterday!  So almost one month early I broke through my first goal.

Thank you, thank you, to all of you whose readership means so much to me.  I really do write to you personally every day.  I think about you and your businesses and the stars, and try to discern what would be most helpful to you.  I imagine you and I in an early morning business meeting in person, outlining the energies of the day and deciding how to take advantage of them together.  You are the heart and soul of this blog.  Thank you, again and again.

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