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Good Day!

Today the Sun and Moon are in harmony, forming an aspect called a trine.  This 120 degree angle allows a flow of productive energy between you as the leader of your business (Sun) and your employees and customers (Moon).  There are two of these angles every month, one in the waxing phase of the Moon and one in the waning phase.  Today’s aspect is in the waning phase as the Moon transitions from Full last week to New next week.

This phase is called the Disseminating Moon and it is the time to take what you’ve learned over the past three weeks and teach it to others.  In business this translates into a great time for mentoring and training.  This is the right day to hand-off tasks and duties to others. 

It reminds me of a management axiom I learned a long time ago and that I have used personally again and again.  The axiom goes something like this:

Whatever you do of a repetitive nature should be delegated. 

As the leader, your time and attention needs to be free to catch the latest insight, recognize the coming trends, and strategize.  If you are performing functions over and over these repetitive actions distract you from your primary role.  What’s more, when an activity becomes repetitive, it is ripe to have its steps documented for someone else to follow. 

This is a good day to pick one task, document the steps, and then pass off the task to someone else.  Even if you are the sole member of your business, can you outsource or automate that task?  With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Aquarius, it’s time to hand-off to the team.  It’s also a great day to have your team members review what they do that’s repetitive and see if they can hand them off or automate them too.  The more mental space we free up in ourselves and our team, the more room for the enhanced creativity of this time to come through.

And don’t forget to reach out to your customers today, too.  This is a great day for interaction and a feeling of mutual support.  If you connect today, doors will open for you and for them.

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