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Good Day!

Today the Pisces Moon enters its Third Quarter phase, where it challenges the Gemini Sun.  Gemini is about the rational thinking processes; Pisces is about sensing the emotional currents around us.  If you can make room for logical linear planning and heartfelt connections with others, this can be a very productive day.  But if these two are at war, whether within yourself or with others on your team, you may reach an impasse where everyone just throws in the towel and walks away.

Add to this the Mars/Neptune opposition which has some of the same flavor.  Mars has been in Leo since last October and will exit that sign finally in a couple of days, on June 7.  Mars usually spends about two months in a sign but due to retrograde motion it spent eight months in Leo.  This has been a gift as Mars in Leo has heightened our awareness of our own creativity and the creative efforts of others.  It has shown us the value of boldly proclaiming our talents and leading our team with courage and flash.

But the entire time Mars has been in Leo, Neptune has been in the opposite sign, Aquarius.  Neptune in Aquarius is a long transit that represents our desire to abolish the boundaries that separate us.  We’ve been inspired to make global connections and form large, often faceless, tribes; in other words, to build a virtual community.  We’ve come to rely on this community for everything from business contacts and referrals to religious insight to product advice.

With the opposition of Mars in Leo to Neptune in Aquarius, we might be asking ourselves, at what price all this connection?  Today is a good day to look back at the goals we set when Mars entered Leo and see whether we were helped or hindered by our focus on our networked society.  Remember, when Mars is in Leo we want to shine and be individually acknowledged for our contributions; with Neptune in Aquarius we want to share collaboratively and merge our individuality into the group.

You may have your faith in all this public culture shaken today and be wondering, what’s in it for me?  Or you may recognize that the balance between the two has strengthened your ability to lead from your heart, and to appeal to the heart of your customers and employees.

A sense of futility can accompany a Mars/Neptune transit, or a sense of lethargy.  Sometimes we feel ill, like our fire has been put out.  It will pass, but before Mars enters Virgo on Monday, why not take some time and survey the whole landscape.  Did you reach your goals?  Did you lead with courage?  Did you mentor others to step-up in their authority?  What activities of this last eight months do you want to continue and which would be better left behind?  With Neptune and that Pisces Moon, we will be able to peek beneath the surface and truly understand our own intentions, which is great prep for Mars in Virgo.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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