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Good Day!

Today welcomes the first of a string of Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, this one in the Fire sign Aries.  Aries is the sign of new beginnings and these two giants teamed up in the first sign of the Zodiac in the very first degree of the sign indicates NEW in a big way.  But what’s fun about this series of contacts is that Uranus expresses its energy in our lives in completely unpredictable ways.  This coupled with Jupiter’s love of sport means the coming six months may feel like a merry-go-round spinning at top speed:  you know the ditty, round and round and round we go and where we stop, nobody knows!  Yes, that’s Jupiter/Uranus.

But looking at the other events in the sky today also brings up for me another adage:  we’re only given as much as we can handle.

Along with this immense, intense energy of Fire today, we are also blessed with lots and lots of Earth energy, the perfect remedy.  Once the Moon moves into Taurus today, it forms aspects with that Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, bringing poise, balance, and practicality to the day.  As much as we may feel like we’re spinning in a new direction, the Taurus Moon will calm us down and set us to work at our normal routines, grounding us and reminding us to stay in the moment and to deal with what’s in front of us.

The Moon goes on to form extremely beneficial aspects with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, lending even more stability to the day.  And Mercury in Taurus teams up with Saturn in Virgo – this is a day to make a solid plan and execute on it too.

The Earth influence steadies the Fire.  Surely change is coming but on this day, the birthday of a new Jupiter/Uranus cycle, all our pleasant work habits and daily routines come to our rescue.  Breath by breath, step by step, task by task we channel fiery enthusiasm into a truly productive, remarkable day.

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