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Good Day!

The Moon continues its trek through Taurus, lending stability and practicality to the day.  This gives me the opportunity to explore more deeply the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction which was exact yesterday.

I’ve written here before that Uranus occasionally reveals itself as startling insights that seem to come from another dimension of our minds.  Yesterday, on the day of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, I woke up with two of these messages.

One was from the remnant of a fading dream, in which I walked around a corner and continued along the side of a building called “The Laurel under the Mountain Hideaway.”

This was followed a few moments later by these words:  “Ah, lovely, open, alive.  Anticipation without expectation.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus.”

I know enough to grab a pen immediately and jot down these kinds of communications.  They hold meaning, often at many different levels, and it is always fascinating to explore and try to decipher them.  Here’s my attempt as a celebration of this new day.

The Laurel under the Mountain Hideaway

I started my research with the word, Laurel.  Laurel wreaths, remember, were given in Roman times to victors returning from battle.  They are still awarded at certain schools to signify the attainment of a level of achievement.  I also read in Wikipedia that it is a huge family of flowering plants, some deadly poisonous and some yielding edible fruit like cinnamon, bay leaves, sassafras, and avocado.

Then I googled “Laurel under the Mountain”, and here’s where I struck gold.  There is a type of Laurel called Under the Mountain Laurel!  This led me to a study (“The influence of mountain laurel on regeneration in pitch pine canopy gaps of the Coweeta Basin, North Carolina, U.S.A.”) which revealed the important role Under the Mountain Laurel plays in the regeneration of seedlings in a pine forest.

At this point I started to understand the image, Laurel under the Mountain Hideaway, and its connection to Jupiter/Uranus in the very first degree of Aries.  If you’ve ever hiked among mountain laurel you know it forms a dense, almost impenetrable undergrowth.  Underneath this “hideaway” various species of saplings are taking root, deep in shadow, unseen, and shielded from wind.  This dense thicket protects the seedlings until they are ready to grow above the canopy.

This describes the moment we are experiencing now.  Unseen, possibly even unknown to us, there are new ideas taking root, quickened by Jupiter and Uranus in Aries.  But they are at the most infant stage right now.  They need protection and concealment to grow.  And there are many varieties of saplings in that Laurel hideaway; we have to wait to see which ideas will break through the dense canopy and stand on their own.

Anticipation without Expectation

I love this second message.  It has the sense of a direct admonition by Jupiter, who is always willing to give some advice.  “Lovely, open, alive”, apt keywords and good counsel for this time plus “anticipation without expectation.”  Yes, something is coming, yes, change is in the air, yes, we can feel it stirring.  But the right approach is without expectation for performance on our timeline, or for the transformation to conform to our plans.  “Anticipation” has a sense of spaciousness to me, knowing something is coming but wide open about what it will be; “expectation” has more of a sense of desire, my personal will pulling something I hope for toward me.

The two messages together seem to indicate the flavor of the time (Uranus) and how to address it (Jupiter).  A great reminder and, I believe, a message directly from the two planets for all of us.  Of course, symbolic language is open to many interpretations.  Do you see anything I missed?

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