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Good Day!

Today is all about the planet Mercury, and the sign it rules, Gemini.  Both Mercury and the Moon enter Gemini today, and form aspects with Jupiter and Uranus in Aries that support the flow of information and insight.

In the early part of the day (EDT), when the Moon is still in Taurus, there is sweetness in the air as the Moon forms an harmonious aspect with Venus in Cancer.  This is a good time to have that conversation with an employee or colleague that you may have been avoiding.  The Moon also makes an easeful aspect with Saturn which will aid you in remaining constructive in your feedback.  This aspect will also help the recipient respect your practical advice and point of view.

When Mercury and the Moon move into Gemini, conversation and networking become the order of the day.  Immerse yourself in knowledge and data, and the more sources the better:  books, magazines, news, email, social media, and face-to-face all yield important clues about where your business is heading and the steps to take to get there.

Sometimes this much Gemini energy can cause us to lose our focus or get lost in details.  Not today.  With that beneficial aspect with Jupiter and Uranus you’ll be able to take in the big picture along with the details to support it.  That’s not to say others won’t think you’re wasting your time.  There may be a conflict because someone responding to Mars in Virgo, which urges us to pursue a practical plan of action, may be impatient with you taking small bites from here and there.  That’s OK.  When the time for action comes, you’ll be well-armed with everything you pick up today.  And if someone wants to buckle down and categorize it, catalogue it, and preserve it for later, that’s good too.

Since the only thing Gemini likes better than a meeting is one that ends quickly, this seems like a good day to end with this Harvard Business Review Management Tip, “A Framework for Shorter, Better Meetings,” adapted from an article by Anthony Tjan.

“Tear up your complicated meeting agenda. Even large meetings with multiple objectives really only have three purposes: to inform, to seek input, and to ask for approval. Create meeting agendas using this simple three-purpose meeting rule. Start by identifying the things on which you need to bring people up to speed. Ask for input on any items requiring discussion. Then request approval to move forward with any outstanding issues, and outline next steps. This will not only create a more simple and understandable agenda, but will help keep meetings focused and short.”

Have an interesting day!

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