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Good Day!

Today is the day before the New Moon and hosts a confrontive aspect between Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Virgo.  This is a good day to put our minds to something constructive, even though it may feel challenging to do so.  And it’s a good day to resolve a puzzle or pose a contest to your team.  For fun, I’ve posted one below.

Mercury entered Gemini yesterday and Mars entered Virgo earlier this week.  When Mercury, the planet of speech, thought, and communication is in Gemini, our minds become attracted to data and communication, the more the better.  Facts, figures, snippets, bites, words, collecting and gathering raw data – that’s Gemini.  Asking why, and then learning the answer fulfills the Gemini in all of us.  One of my earliest astrology teachers described the Gemini energy as a butterfly flitting from flower to flower, tasting the nectar, and then moving on to the next brightly colored thing.  This mode is fascinating and fulfilling for people with a lot of Gemini in their nature, and it drives more practical and organized people nuts.

When Mars is in Virgo we want to apply our energy to what is useful and practical, and what will garner concrete results.  We may jump from flower to flower, too, but we won’t leave each one until something has been accomplished, everything is cleaned up and tidy, and the nectar is safely tucked away for later use.  We can easily lose patience with activities that seem to lead nowhere and we may be quick to point that out.

Mercury in Gemini desires input; Mars in Virgo desires output.  Both fight for our attention today.

The tension between these two planets may cause you to recognize ways you are wasting your time and energy.  Or you may become keenly aware how people around you are wasting their time and energy (or yours).

I’ve noticed that many people with strong Gemini, and that’s all of us when Mercury is in Gemini, could actually benefit from a system to ground their facts and figures.  With so much data coming from all directions, we need ways to retain and classify information.  This is the perfect role for Mars in Virgo.

Here are some simple tools I use to capture and categorize data for use later:

  • When I need to stop working on a project, I always leave a short note for myself as to what is the next step.  I often can’t get back to something until much later than I intend.  This short note helps me to jump right in and not have to start three steps back.
  • I’ve just started using a program called ndxCards, a digital index card system I can peg with keywords, source lists, and projects to retain the myriad quotes, images, thoughts, and ideas I come across and want to retain in any given day.
  • The “Getting Things Done” system by David Allen is one of the best tools for capturing the vast quantity of items we need to keep track of, thus freeing our brains for new, fresh, and original insight.
  • I use a Kindle for most of my reading, and I highlight passages as I read to download to my computer.  Soon I’ll start importing these passages into my ndxCards for a permanent reference.
  • I use Delicious as a bookmarking tool for on-line links I want to return to.

Are there tools you use that really ground your facts and figures?  If so, please share them in the comments.

The Balsamic Contest

OK, now to the contest I referenced above.  Today, the day before the New Moon, is called the Balsamic Moon.  I’ve often wondered at the connection between the Balsamic Moon and Balsamic Vinegar.  Why is this Moon called Balsamic?  I have my guess, but I can’t find anything to confirm it.  Do you know the answer?  If so, leave it in the comments section.  The first person to send in the correct, or most reasonable, answer will win a free Solar Fire report explaining your astrological transits and progressions for the next three months!

Have a great day, a great weekend, and remember:  the day of the New Moon, tomorrow, is a perfect day to rest.

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