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Today Venus enters the solar sign Leo.  Venus represents the part of us that is attractive, drawing benefits toward us through the magnetic power of happiness, kindness, generosity, and good will.  In many signs Venus is willing to passively draw moths to its flame but when Venus is in Leo we are much more willing to use every creative talent we have to actively seize our goals.

Over the next month Venus in Leo will imbue us with self-assurance.  In business this plays out as more confidence, more willingness to recognize our own worth and insist that others recognize it too.  If we’ve been too passive in establishing our value in the marketplace, now is the time to pursue and negotiate a fairer deal.  Or we may realize that we’ve been shy or unwilling to make waves for fear of being seen as too pushy, demanding, or “high-maintenance.”  When Venus is in Leo we expect to be treated royally and our firm belief in our own talents draws respect from others.

Our social instincts take a second place at this time.  The Venus in Leo anthem is echoed in this statement I read earlier today, “Self-advocacy before community, corporate, or global advocacy.”  When Venus is in Leo we are willing to put ourselves first and we demand that others do the same.

Of course, Venus in Leo will be playing out in the lives of everyone around us as well.  Our staff and colleagues may be vying for the limelight and we’ll have to figure out how to let others shine without dimming the spotlight on us.  Group effort is not really highlighted with Venus in Leo; we each want individual recognition for our talents and creativity.  If you establish new professional partnerships at this time you will have to provide for separate venues in which each of you can have independent, individual authority.

Creativity soars at this time as long as there is a stage to display and receive recognition.  It’s wise to provide avenues for this for yourself and your staff.  Public relations and design should include an element of flair and fashion should be bold, even ostentatious.  Employees may require a great deal of praise, credit, and accolades in order to remain productive.

See if you can bring in an element of light-hearted play to your business over the next month while Venus is in Leo.  And make sure presentations within your workplace or for prospective clients include fun, or sport, or contest.  This kind of pleasure will strike a chord with everyone.  When everyone in the meeting is laughing and expressing themselves creatively, you’ll be aligned with the energy of Venus in Leo.

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