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Good Day!

Today is like two different days wrapped into one.  Each is geared toward success but in fundamentally different styles.  In fact you may even want to dress differently for the two halves to the day.

The day starts with fire, with the Leo Moon channeling outstanding energy from Uranus in Aries and Venus in Leo collaborating with Jupiter in Aries.  I’d suggest getting up early and wearing red:  a red dress, a red tie, or at least red shoes.  Think Samantha in Sex and the City:  this is a morning (EDT) to make a statement.  You’ll feel boldly creative and you won’t want anyone to try to restrict you in any way.  You’ve got the goods this morning.  In fact, you feel so confident about yourself and your ability to direct your future that other people will just fall in line and follow.  You are a force to be reckoned with!

Kim Cattrall, Samantha in Sex and the City (Wikimedia Commons)

But there’s also a serious side to today, with Mars in Virgo joining forces with Pluto in Capricorn.  Muted browns and beige are better for this meeting, which could bring you face-to-face with powerful allies who hold a key to your success.  Your best approach is to be fully prepared:  facts, figures, charts, presentation packets.  If you need to bring your second-in-command or your accountant to spell out the nuts and bolts of your vision then bring them.  If your business plan is practical and detailed they’ll come forward with the support you need.  Your goal is to earn their trust.  If you do, it’s a shoe-in.

Once you’ve closed the deal, be sure to broadcast your success.  That Leo Moon working with Mercury in Gemini late in the day means it’s time for everyone to know how fabulous you are (as Samantha would say.)  You could even slip back into red for the late afternoon and evening.  Arrange to be visible so people will notice you, for your smarts, your self-assurance, and your snazz.

Have a fabulous, successful day!

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