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Good Day!

This is another day to put your message across with flair, drama, and verve.  Go ahead; with the Leo Moon channeling the Gemini Sun everyone’s in the mood for some entertainment. If your business includes cold-calling, today is an excellent day to get results.

However, if you were inspired by the New Moon last Saturday with a really new idea, today is the first day to share that inspiration with just one or two people and get their honest feedback.  Input is what you need right now to flesh out your idea but not so much that it leads to discouragement.  Pick your allies wisely.  You want those who are wise and frank, but willing to let an idea take shape before passing judgment.

There may be someone waiting in the wings today to tamp down your fire a little.  There’s an influence of Saturn in Virgo that could take the form of someone requesting an accounting from you before you’re ready.  If you trust this person, then maybe they could help you put pen to paper; if their agenda is suspect, then just move on.  There’s time for detailing out your vision later.

And anyway, with the Moon at odds with Neptune in Aquarius at the end of the day, clarity is probably not available, or even warranted.  Even though you may think you have too much to do, let your mind roam this evening (EDT) as far as you can imagine; catch a movie, a show, or listen to some music.  Or connect with people far and wide through your social network.  Or go to bed early and dream.  Any of these activities will invite Neptune to inspire your next move.

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