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Good Day!

Today the Moon continues its waning journey in the sign of Pisces.  This is the disseminating phase of the lunar cycle when we truly understand what we’ve created since the last New Moon, we’ve tested and perfected it, and now we hand it over to others.  This is the time to delegate and, where practical, automate.

As the leader of our team, we need to keep our intellect and intuition open and free – free to receive insight, spot the next trend, tune into our staff and customers.  If we don’t constantly hand-off what we create and develop, our hands get too full to hold anything new.  At this point in the lunar cycle, we should divest ourselves of what we’ve built so that we can be open to what’s current and not tied to, or tied down by, the past.

This usually isn’t hard to do with a Pisces Moon; we’re more than willing to include others and we can train with empathy and patience.  However, the Moon forms a difficult aspect with Venus in Leo today.  When Venus is in Leo we each want acknowledgment. We want to be recognized, even flattered, for our success.  We may hesitate to hand-off because we want to bask in the glory of center-stage for a while longer.

But to whose benefit?  Ultimately creativity increases to the extent our minds can receive inspiration.  And when we invest in our staff they grow in trust and loyalty, two of this month’s keywords.  If we’re willing to give them credit for that big sale or that new design, we increase our reach while maintaining our visionary and strategic role.

So go ahead and surrender the glory.  It will boomerang back to you, maybe sooner than you think!

And for my readers in single-person shops, you may have some letting go to do yourself.  As we wind down to the next New Moon, we need to clear our decks (or desks) to welcome the next wave of creative impulse.

Have a great day and a wonderful July 4 weekend for those in the USA.

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