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Good Day!

The waning Moon continues its journey through Aries.  This Fourth Quarter phase is the time for handing-off, handing over, and letting go, yes, but with the Moon in Aries we must be careful to not act too hastily. We may have the urge to burn our bridges behind us, which is fine as long as you’re sure there is no value left in what you built over the last three weeks.  If the value is still there, try to slow down and make sure your handover is complete.  There still may be a need for some careful mentoring as you hand-off the project to others.

If you’re celebrating the USA Independence Day holiday today, a Moon/Venus aspect in fire signs means it’s a day for fun, recreation, and competition.  Parades, fireworks, face-painting:  a perfect aspect for the summer holiday.

And later in the day the Moon and Neptune are in harmony, which just may bring musical harmony into the day as well.  You’ll like nothing more than crowds of people today, the more the better.  How about an outdoor concert?  Or a big sporting event?

If you’re not celebrating the US Holiday, these energies can be used to raise people’s enthusiasm and creativity.  If you give your staff a stage today to display their talents, you’ll feed everyone’s need for recognition and acknowledgement.  A happy staff is a creative staff and a creative staff will impress customers and clients.

Today  is the day that Uranus begins retrograde motion.  In case you missed the weekly forecast, here is the advice from that post:

When Uranus entered the sign of Aries a few weeks ago, we were probably flooded with new ideas for our business, innovations we couldn’t wait to try, restructuring whose time had finally come.  We may have been “on fire” with potential and possibility.

We’ve come into retrograde motion so quickly, but perhaps not a moment too soon.  Especially with unpredictable Uranus in impulsive, risk-loving Aries, those innovations we were so fired up about could probably use a second look.  And this is the gift of retrograde motion – it gives us a chance to retrace our steps, to check initial results against our expectations, and to correct decisions before they can do real damage.

When a planet moves into retrograde motion, we can experience reversals and disruptions for a week on either side.  The tricky part about the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, is that the reversals could well seem to be coming from forces outside yourself:  that new project doesn’t get approved after all, that funding doesn’t come through as scheduled.  If this is your experience, take a step back.  Uranus can act suddenly and swiftly but after a couple of weeks, as we adjust to the retrograde energy, we’ll discover the purpose for the setback.  And then we’ll be thanking our lucky stars!

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