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Good Day!

Today, back to work day for many in the USA, is a calm, gentle, harmonious day with the waning Moon in steady Taurus.  This whole week is a week of transition as we continue to clear our desks in anticipation of the coming weekend’s New Moon.  In fact, the last week of every Lunar month is an excellent time for a “review and reflect” process with your staff, even if no particular project is coming to an end.  This lunar phase is a natural time to think about what works and what doesn’t and to plant the seeds for improvement and change.

This is the week to put matters to rest, sign-off on project completions, and to ask:  what was done well and should be repeated in the future?  What could use improvement?  This review allows a natural release of pressure and a forum to air grievances in a positive and practical way.  Remember to separately assess behaviors and results.  Acknowledge success but also clear any emotional residual such as feelings of overdone competition or territorial infringement among your staff.  Today’s Taurus Moon forms an excellent aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, a real boon to putting matters on the table and then reaching practical consensus about how to operate more effectively next time.

Later in the day the Taurus Moon and the Cancer Sun move in harmony.  This is a great time for one-on-one interactions with your staff and your customers, especially collecting feedback about your products and services.  Encourage everyone to be open with you and they will respond with valuable information to implement after the next New Moon.

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