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Good Day!

Today the Moon enters Gemini where it encounters the energies of Uranus and Jupiter in Aries.  This indicates a day of interchange, as Uranus and Jupiter each rule an aspect of our intellects and Gemini is the sign ruled by Mercury, the master of communications.

Brilliance, if I can use such a strong word, is indicated when Mercury, Jupiter, and Uranus get together and you can reach these heights by including others in as many conversations, negotiations, and meetings as you can.  Alternatively, this is a day to listen and learn.  Remember at this 4th Quarter Lunar Phase, we’re tying up loose ends and staying alert for the ideas which will sprout after the New Moon on Sunday.

Jupiter represents the wisest part of us or may show up in the guise of a wise and upbeat advisor who encourages you to assume success!  And Uranus, newly retrograde, represents a reversal of some kind, a change of plan, but with the Moon in Gemini you’ll think on your feet and be ready to react quickly and correctly.  And better yet, late in the day Mercury teams up with Saturn in Virgo, which will transform the buzz of the early day into a practical plan.

Sometime in the middle though, we encounter the major aspect of the day, an opposition between Venus in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius.  This is how I described it in my weekly forecast:

Thursday can be an absolutely wonderful day if we can find the sweet spot between our desire for personal acclaim and acknowledging how much we owe to others for our success.  Venus in Leo wants personal recognition but is opposed by Neptune in Aquarius.  Neptune always asks us to focus on what’s similar between us rather than what is unique in one of us. During this long transit of Neptune in Aquarius, we’re all interdependent with support coming virtually from near and far.  If we remember to give credit where credit is due today, it will be easy to make connections that last.

So, overall, a great day – have fun!

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