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Good Day!

Today is another Mercury day, with the Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini squaring off against Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo.  As the day proceeds Mercury leaves Cancer and enters Leo where it immediately picks up the intensity of Uranus in Aries.

I came across an article today in the Harvard Business Review Management Tips series that perfectly represents a Moon in Gemini square Mars in Virgo scenario.  The Tip was titled, “Get Yourself a Bitsmith.”

In our society today, many, many of us are “knowledge workers.”  I googled “knowledge worker” and one of the definitions is “someone whose primary job focus is the accumulation, processing or analysis of data and information, as opposed to physical goods.” *

Knowledge workers are ruled by Gemini.  This is why when the Moon is in Gemini an astrologer will advise you to communicate, meet, read, write, and listen.  Taking in data and information and then distributing it is the domain of Mercury and Gemini, and the more facts and figures the better!  The most “airy” of the Air signs, Gemini loves information for its own sake.

Virgo is also ruled by Mercury, but in Virgo we encounter a completely different aspect of Mercury, more related to the Roman Mercury’s role as the guardian of commerce.  Virgo is interested in the exchange of physical goods and the practical application of knowledge. The Gemini love of words, facts and figures, regardless of practical application, is useless to the Virgo.  People with strong Virgo in their natal chart are happiest when engaged in activities that have real-world, concrete outcomes.

With Mars in Virgo challenged by the Gemini Moon today, your team’s activities need to be focused on practical purposes or frustration and anger can result.  And a part of practicality is the desire to have the proper tools to do the job.  While the Gemini Moon can flit from one interesting conversation and meeting to another, Mars in Virgo wants to perform its tasks with the utmost efficiency and get something accomplished.

This brings us back to the HBR Management Tip.  It suggests appointing a “bitsmith,” a word coined by John Sviokla, a management consultant and HBR blogger.  A take-off on the word blacksmith, who fashioned the tools needed by the village, a “bitsmith” is someone on your team who deeply understands the work that needs to be accomplished and can design and help implement the right tools to get the work done.  With today’s Mercury/Mars frustration, there could be a verbal eruption over the lack of tools, tools which would boost the knowledge workers’ performance.  One solution:  appoint a “bitsmith” your team can call on to help them implement effective and productive solutions.

This bitsmith can be you, or a member of your team, or a consultant.  Yes, it takes an investment but we all know how much time is saved when people have the proper tools for the job.  If you or your staff have been frustrated lately, why not make use of today’s energy, which is challenging but problem-solving, to identify what tools you all need to boost productivity?  This will keep the Gemini types happy and the Virgo types motivated.

And let’s not forget about Mercury entering Leo and encountering Uranus.  From my weekly forecast:

On Friday, the messenger of the gods, Mercury, enters Leo where he may think he is god!  Mercury rules our rational mind and when he’s in Leo, we may tend to think that everything we think is the absolute truth and each one of our words should be taken as authority.   We may be out to prove the superiority of our intellects while Mercury is in Leo, but so will everyone else.  This is a time to warn your team to take it down a notch, and not come across as overconfident or bullying.

Just after Mercury moves into Leo it forms an excellent aspect with Uranus, newly retrograde in Aries.  This may give you your first glimmering of how best to proceed if you faced unexpected disruptions this week.  And I would say that communication is the key.  Make sure your team knows if the direction has changed and open the door for their suggestions.

Has your direction changed this week?  Please share your Uranus retrograde stories in the comments.

Have a great weekend!

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*Definition of “knowledge worker” from Bridgefield Group