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Good Day!

Do you feel the energy of the New Moon?  This is the time to begin something new and to let yourself be open to the truly innovative – even shocking!  This is the moment when the cards are up in the air but falling, about to settle into a new pattern.  It is wide open.  Let something truly unusual come to your attention, which can mean making time for someone or something you normally turn away from.  If there’s someone you’ve been avoiding, today’s a great day to connect with them.  Yes, you may hear something you hoped wasn’t true but it will be to your benefit to get it out on the table.

This whole week is under the influence of Virgo, first today with Venus in Virgo uncovering secrets from Pluto in Capricorn, then the Moon transitioning into Virgo where it will join Venus tomorrow, Mars on Thursday, and Saturn on Friday.  Soon each planet, the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn will leave Virgo.  So it’s our last chance to work with this particular combination of energies in Virgo for 28 years, the next time we see Saturn in Virgo!

I have a friend and colleague, Lindsay Satterfield, who is a genius at helping busy professionals increase their effectiveness.  She teaches international productivity courses and does individual workflow coaching.  Her work brings the energy of Virgo into focus for leaders, so they can manage their ever-expanding & changing influx of commitments, responsibilities, priorities, and demands.

This sounds like each of us these days, doesn’t it?  We see this influx and change astrologically with the recent ingress of Jupiter and Uranus into Aries, with the Eclipse, the Cardinal T-square of the summer, and the general hyper-exposure to information brought on during the transit of Neptune through Aquarius.   I’d say we can all use the steadying, organizing, day-to-day operational control that is the gift of Virgo, and especially of Saturn in Virgo.

Lindsay says that many people resist organizing because they are convinced that setting up systems not only is a waste of time, but thwarts spontaneity and creativity.  But believe me, the stars are in place to throw as much spontaneity and creativity at us as we can handle and even more.  If there are a few methods we can put in place now to help us be ready for change, let’s get them implemented quickly!

I have another friend, a fine business woman and a very Virgo-influenced person, who explained the necessity of organizing well.  She leaves work every day with every single item on her to-do list for that day completed.  This is how she can be ready at a moment’s notice to respond to any call – a call for a better assignment, a more challenging role, a growth opportunity.  No matter what comes, she is prepared – no loose ends, no delays.  I think this is how all of us need to be these days.

This week is relatively light, a week to pause between last week’s eclipse and next week’s major planetary line-ups.  So let’s start now, while this Virgo energy is still available to support us.  Each day this week, let’s look at a tip to help us stay organized, and that means ready for anything.  If you have tips to share about how you manage your workflow, let us all know in the comments.

Now excuse me while I go sort that pile of papers that’s been on my fireplace mantle since I moved here to El Paso in May.

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