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Good Day!

The Moon transitions out of Virgo today but not before it meets Saturn in the very last degree of Virgo.  This is the day to put the finishing touches on our week of Virgo preparation for the changes to come and not a moment too soon.   Later today we‘ll get a dress rehearsal for the upcoming squares and oppositions of this summer as the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus and Jupiter in Aries and then goes on to square Pluto in Capricorn.  This is like a mini-run-through of the whole summer, enacted within a few hours!

All week we’ve been examining different facets of Virgo in our workplace with the help of tips from Lindsay Satterfield who teaches productivity internationally and coaches professionals about workflow.  She helps leaders to understand and manage their ever-expanding and changing commitments, responsibilities, and priorities within the demands of constant upheaval and change.  She counsels that we must have a workflow system in order to be truly innovative and spontaneous.

I asked Lindsay to share a few tips with us that she has used effectively with her clients.  Be sure to see the last two days’ posts for the first tips (links below):

  • Take a load off the mind/Define your work.
  • Actions are where it’s at.

Today Lindsay addresses a habit that many of us have fallen into:  checking our email at the beginning of each day instead of staying our own course.  She says:

Don’t start your day with email.  If you want everyone else to dictate how you spend the day, start with email.  Otherwise, try out Julie Morgenstern’s recommendation in Never Do Email in the Morning: Decide the night before the one thing you’d be most happy accomplishing the next day and spend your first hour doing that and then check your email.  By 9 or 10 am, you’ll be sailing on the positive vibes of accomplishment – and it’s likely you’ll set a productive tone for the entire day.  Also, find an easy way to triage your email.  (But that tip’s for another time.)

Today is a perfect day to implement this tip.  With the Moon facing difficult aspects from Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto it’s likely we could be buffeted from one demand to the next – if we allow it.  From near and far, others will want to dictate how we spend our day.  What if we make a plan for the one main thing we’re going to accomplish and get it done first?  How empowering that would be, wouldn’t it?

Let’s try it and share with each other how it goes in the comments section.

Have a wonderful weekend and rest well!  Next week begins the height of the summer of transformation.  Don’t miss my weekly forecast on Sunday.

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