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Good Day!

These next two days, July 30 & 31, bring this summer’s transits of transformation front and center.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all involved in a conflicting pattern of energy and today and tomorrow Mercury, Mars, and the Moon deliver this conflict right to our doorsteps.  No longer will it seem “out there” or only happening to someone else.

With the Moon in Aries we’re ready for a fight.  It’s like that movie line, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”    We’ve had enough, our patience is gone, and we’re emotionally ready to stand up to anyone or anything that smacks of injustice or deceit.  No matter how much we’ve been focused on our own sphere of business, work, and personal life, we’re all reaching the tipping point with the global news and with people who have put their own interests in front of fairness to everyone.

When the Moon is in Aries we normally tend to blow off a little steam but with the pressure cooker of these outer planet aspects don’t be surprised if the lid flies off.  A warning though:  everyone else is boiling now too and if you provoke an argument, watch out.

The Mars and Mercury aspects will also play a part.  Mars opposes Uranus on Friday and joins forces with Saturn on Saturday.  Although Mars, the planet of aggression, is enfeebled in Libra, the Uranus propensity to incite rebellion could translate into a dangerous defensiveness.  If you light a fire on Friday you’ll spend Saturday trying to get it under control.  Levelheadedness will return, but not before bridges are burned and some cherished self-images are singed around the edges.

Mercury will bring this all out into the open, with coworkers and colleagues wanting to hash out differences and come to some neat package of resolution.  Not necessarily!  There’s so much fire on the field today and tomorrow, shouting and accusations are more likely than the precise communication Mercury in Virgo would want to bring to the table.

So what should you do?  How should you handle these energies?  Here are seven suggestions to handle the heat:

  • Come up with constructive outlets for anger, frustration, and disappointment.  Physical play is good as long as there are clear and negotiated boundaries for what is fair.
  • Turn up the air conditioning.  I don’t tend to use air conditioning because of the impact on the planet, but Friday and Saturday are exceptions.  Keeping physically cool will go a long way toward keeping tempers cool.  If it’s winter where you live, you’ve got a better chance to come away unscathed.
  • Work hard!  Channel these energies into constructive action.  Challenge yourself rather than others.  Set a goal only you can accomplish.  Work it today and finish it tomorrow.
  • Play calming music – no acid rock today.  Believe me, there will be enough motivation without heavy metal.
  • If you don’t feel well, take care of yourself.  Stay home.  Have soup.  Watch movies – in the air conditioning.
  • Steer clear of people who tend to be domineering.  Nothing will be gained from confrontations so cancel those meetings.  Hang out with friends and supporters.
  • Trust the universe.  If you run into delays, take it as a sign that something more fortunate is on its way.  Turn your attention to another project.

Stay cool…and let me know how it all turns out!

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