Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

This week channels more of the major aspects of our summer of transformation right into our personal lives, especially into our personal and business relationships.  Mars and Venus enter the degrees of the zodiac where they meet and then transmit the Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn/Pluto T-square with immediacy.  Conditions we are used to seeing enacted on a global stage with distant entities such as the government, the media, or big business intersect with our daily lives again this week.  Now we get to interact firsthand with the challenges of today and we also get our opportunity to do our small part to resolve them.  The global becomes local this week.


Monday hosts one of the biggest transits of the summer, although you may not feel it on that particular day.  These transits carry so much weight that they are really in effect for two weeks before and after they are exact.  Jupiter and Pluto, two heavyweights, square off against each other in the ring and only time will tell which will prevail.  It reminds me of the recent movie, Clash of the Titans, with Jupiter and Pluto at odds and poor Perseus had to react to their drama with his all too human vulnerabilities.

One aspect of this clash I’m becoming aware of is in the tension we’ve seen between the press (Jupiter) and the government (Pluto in Capricorn) due to the leaking of military information through Wikileaks to the New York Times and other newspapers.  But how does this aspect apply to our businesses?

I think we should all keep this in mind:  the truth will come out.  Jupiter rules justice and what we consider to be lawful and fair.  Pluto rules the deep, dark, taboo places that no one wants to admit are there:  secrets about life, death, sexuality, and our intimate interactions with each other including financial transactions.  With tension between these two, my best advice to you for this summer is to keep your dealings above board and squeaky clean.  Pay your payroll taxes as explained in this payroll myths blog post.  Make your loan payments on time.  Keep your negotiations on the table.  Take your lawyer, accountant, or HR Director with you when you need to confront someone.  Check the regulations that apply to your business.  Make sure you’re following the letter of the law.

The energies of this time are about revealing what is hidden, pulling to the surface transgressions and subterfuge.  So if you’ve got skeletons hiding in the closet, open that door, let the light in, and with expert advice if necessary, disinter and disinfect while it’s still in your power to do so.


On Tuesday Mars in Libra joins the fray, bringing the potential for a clash of principles which could erupt between you and your team or between two factions within your business.  There is a powerful urge for dominance and territory when Mars meets Jupiter and Pluto, although the Libran Mars may coat its urges in sweet-talk.  But have no doubt, there’s steel beneath that soft exterior and a strong will to win.  Put this to work for your business.  This is an excellent time to get to the truth of matters, to finally understand what’s been blocking your forward momentum, and to strategically remove obstacles.

These energies need a strong hand.  Bring the best of your leadership skills to each situation, and if you need support and back-up, ask for it.


At this point in the week Venus comes on the scene, although on Wednesday she may bring more confusion than assistance.  At the very end of her travels through Virgo, you still may not be satisfied with the lack of clarity around your finances and still not have a plan to address it.  But today, with Neptune in Aquarius crossing every attempt at efficiency, you’re probably as far as you’re going to get this time around.

Your social interactions today range near and far and I wouldn’t say practical productivity will be high on the list today; but inspiration could be as long as you’re able to weave and meld far-reaching influences into realistic product design and useful creative output.


On Friday, Venus enters Libra for about a month which should help balance and soothe the energies of August.  Venus in Libra is a time when we reach for harmony in relationships, as well as turn our attention to art, design, fashion, and beauty.  We are more than usually willing to give others the benefit of the doubt; we’re interested in teaming with rather than fighting against others.

Group efforts pay off and financial rewards come through partnership with Venus in Libra.  Create opportunities for your staff to interact; invite collaboration and teamwork.  Send teams into presentations rather than going it solo; you’ll make a better impression when clients see your ability to cooperate.


On Saturday Venus opposes Uranus in Aries, which could set off some fireworks.  There’s excitability about this contact and a desire for unconventional behavior.  There’s certainly a creative spark in the air and if you are working today your team should be able to produce some of the most unique work you’ve seen in a while – as long as you give them free rein.  Don’t worry – you can pick up the pieces tomorrow.


On Sunday, everyone’s feet come back onto the ground with a Venus/Saturn conjunction.  After the excitement of the week, this is a great day to see where you stand.  Take the best of the week and put some structure around it – today’s the day to confirm any business agreements you’ve made.  In fact, what you put in place today will stay in place for a good long while and will bring firm judgment and conservatism to your business relationships.  Don’t make it too heavy though; allow for some enjoyment and laughter along the way.

Have an excellent week!

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