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Good Day!

Today is a good day with very little happening in the sky except for a supportive aspect between the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Gemini.  Of course, the conflicting energies of the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, are still in the background – there’s no escaping these guys all summer long.  But it will probably feel distant today as there’s no direct link between those planets and the planets more involved with our personal lives.

This is the very end of this month’s lunar cycle, a time for clean-up and hand-off.  Bring your projects to completion or at least call a halt to the current phase.  The next few days are meant for pausing and refreshing our ideas and our energy.

With the Moon in Gemini it’s a great time to ask for feedback; be sure to schedule some time with your customers or employees and ask them how it’s going.  The Gemini Moon puts people in the mood to talk and it’s likely you’ll be relaxed enough today to actually hear what they say.  Even calling a large meeting specifically designed to elicit feedback would yield actionable information and insights today.

Gather all of the information you can, ready to make use of it during the next cycle which starts on Monday. And then once your meetings are over, grab a newspaper, magazine, or your favorite reader and catch up on current thinking and current trends.  This coming weekend is likely to be over-the-top busy, so take a few hours now. This isn’t a time for planning or trying to put new ideas into motion, but it is excellent for surveying the landscape and preparing the soil of your imagination to receive the next great insight at the next New Moon.

Have a very informative day!

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