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Good Day!

This is a ladies’ day when the two ladies of the sky, the Moon and Venus, both enter their own signs.  The Moon enters Cancer today where she will spend a couple of days before she moves into Leo and the next New Moon and Venus enters Libra.

When the Moon is in Cancer, expect yourself and the people around you to be particularly emotional  In a best case scenario we’re willing to connect and care about each other more than usual; in the worst case we can tend to be over-sensitive or defensive.  If you’re making a presentation to potential customers today be prepared to address a level of questioning that may seem more personal than professional.  People want to bond emotionally today, and if you can help them feel that they’re more than a paycheck to you you’ll be sure to win the sale.

It may be a challenging day in that the Moon, once it enters Cancer, will in turn make difficult aspects to Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto.  In other words, she steps right into the middle of the big battle that’s going on with the outer heavyweight planets.  Don’t underestimate the power of the feminine energy in her home sign though; people may not look fierce on the surface today but they will exhibit strong and capable behavior through feelings and desires.  The Moon in Cancer actually provides a counter-weight to all the other conflicts, another way of looking at things that may be just the light you need.

Remember, this is a very receptive time, both because the Moon is in Cancer and because we are at the very end of the lunar cycle.  This is a time of preparation so just take it all in today; don’t expect to begin anything new.  You’re still gathering information and resources for the next leg of the journey; if you make decisions or step out now you may find yourself unprepared for what comes next.  Next week is a much better time for actually committing to a new course of action.

Toward the end of the day Venus returns to her home sign, Libra.  Venus is strong in Libra and she sets her sights on peace, diplomacy, and pleasure.  Friday is Venus’ day every week and to understand Venus in Libra think about a Friday night.  Isn’t it just the best time of the week?  The whole weekend is ahead, people are happy, it’s a great date night, almost everyone is easeful and relaxed.  This is what we can expect from the whole month that Venus is in Libra.  Look for this Friday night energy in everything you do; your staff and colleagues will want to work together, want to enjoy themselves, and will be more relaxed with each other than usual – a great blessing to help us get through the next couple weeks of the culmination of this summer of transformation.

Venus interacts with the Cardinal T-square this weekend, so in case you missed it I’m going to repeat what I posted on the weekly forecast so you can take full advantage of the energy.


On Saturday Venus opposes Uranus in Aries, which could set off some fireworks.  There’s excitability about this contact and a desire for unconventional behavior.  There’s certainly a creative spark in the air and if you are working today your team should be able to produce some of the most unique work you’ve seen in a while – as long as you give them free rein.  Don’t worry – you can pick up the pieces tomorrow.


On Sunday, everyone’s feet come back onto the ground with a Venus/Saturn conjunction.  After the excitement of the week, this is a great day to see where you stand.  Take the best of the week and put some structure around it – today’s the day to confirm any business agreements you’ve made.  In fact, what you put in place today will stay in place for a good long while and will bring firm judgment and conservatism to your business relationships.  Don’t make it too heavy though; allow for some enjoyment and laughter along the way.

Have an excellent weekend!

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