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Good Day!

Yesterday with the New Moon in Leo, we talked about picking a new project, an audacious project to develop during the coming month.  Did you pick yours?  If not, later in this post I’ll give you some hints as to where to look.

Today the Moon progresses into the sign Virgo, continuing the emergence of the new inspiration born at the New Moon.  With the Virgo energy we can begin the transformation of our bold idea into a solid, useful product.  How?  Using the Virgo traits of analysis, practicality, and an orientation toward service.  The seed that sprouted at the New Moon just begins to take shape today and in order to continue to grow it needs the detailed planning that only the Virgo energy can bring.  It needs the systems orientation and the love of craftsmanship and simplicity.  It needs an organized approach.

The Virgo Moon also joins Mercury in Virgo today.  This is excellent for getting a plan or drawing down on paper; the beginning of a chronicle of your process to refer to and expand as the project unfolds over the next month.  This planning process will help you to recognize the resources and tools you will need to pull it off.  A cash flow projection will help you to recognize whether you have adequate cash on hand or whether you need to tap other sources of funds.  And a project budget will reveal the total costs involved.

This is the kind of analysis that Virgo loves, things with initials like ROI and EBT.  Today is the perfect day to get your project plan in writing.  You can do it yourself or bring your team in to help, pulling the pieces together over the next couple of days while the Moon is in Virgo.  The Virgo energy will give you excellent attention to detail so that as the month ahead unfolds you’ll have a firm foundation on which to build your work and delegate assignments, knowing you’ve considered every angle right from the start.  And if you realize you missed something as you go along, add it to the plan so it’s in place next time you begin a new project.

Hints for your new project

In case you didn’t catch your next project idea, here are some hints based on where the New Moon in Leo emerged in your chart.  The New Moon was at 17 degrees of Leo on Monday night.  Simply look at your natal chart or the chart of your business for the house that contains 17 degrees of Leo and read the hints for that house below.  See if these keywords spark the new idea that’s waiting to be discovered.  If you don’t have your birthchart, see the sidebar for how to request one from this site.

1st House – apparel, make-up, ornamentation, the body, fitness.

2nd House – money, personal finances, investments, jewelry, gemstones, soil.

3rd House – learning, teaching, news, books, writing, transportation, tools, telecommunications.

4th House – land, real estate, housing, domestic products, property, the elderly, parenting, ancestry.

5th House – fun, recreation, sports, romance, art, children, humor.

6th House – health related matters, diet, food, pets, human resources, gardens, employment, customer service.

7th House – partnerships, legal affairs, relationships, conflict resolution, contracts, negotiations, coaching, culture.

8th House – taxes, inheritances, insurance, banking, venture capital, shareholders, conception, birth, death, legacies, metaphysics.

9th House – adult education, publishing, global matters, law, medicine, travel, religion.

10th House – Leadership, self-employment, honors, parenting, executives, hierarchies, boards of directors, heroes.

11th House – Community, team sports, social networking, politics, corporate responsibility.

12th House – Hospitals, nursing, institutions, military, charitable organizations, the underserved, trends.

Have a wonderful day and please share your new project idea with all of us in the comments section.

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