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Good Day!

Take care of all the nuts and bolts issues early in the day while the Moon is still in Virgo; once it moves into Libra at 4:42 PM MDT the fireworks will start.  Or should we say the fireworks will resume?

Did you pick your project to focus on this coming month?  This first week of the New Moon is the ideal time to initiate a venture and as the Moon begins to travel further and further from the conjunction with the Sun, our initial spark of an idea begins to take shape.  The New Moon took place in Leo this month which means both the Sun and Moon were in the flashy, creative sign of self-expression.  A new audacious idea was born.

Then the Moon traveled through Virgo for a couple of days, which put some structure around the initiative.  Ideally we wrote a project plan, did the financial projections, submitted the proposal, organized the resources we need, gathered the tools.

When the Moon enters Libra this afternoon it’s time to present our idea to others; to gather input and see where we need to bring in outside help.  It’s time to make the go/no-go decision but under the influence of the Moon in Libra we could waffle back and forth.  If you find yourself too indecisive, rely on your trusted advisers.  Tell them the plan, leave no stone unturned, and let them decide if your idea is worth pursuing.  And then you may do the same for them.  Everyone can use an outside eye when the Moon is in Libra.

But this month the Libra Moon runs right into the Cardinal T-square which is causing all the trouble this summer.  Late today the Moon opposes Uranus which can bring sudden unexpected twists and turns of fate.  Then a few hours later the Moon meets Saturn which can cause even your most ardent supporters to seem heavy-handed and too limited in their thinking.

Next the Moon opposes Jupiter which could cause the same people who just said no to expand the project beyond your comfort level.  And then within the hour, when the Moon is in challenging aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, resource issues may come to the fore and the cold harsh realities of your financial situation could block your progress.

Ay-yi-yi!  What to do?  Take heart, if any force can balance all of these energies it’s the Libra Moon with its natural propensity to bring fairness, diplomacy, and equal vision to the day.  And remember, the Sun is in Leo which means a strong leader can focus the energies of the entire team.  If you’re confident, others will be too.   If you’re bold and open to input, you’ll perfectly contain the energies of the later day.

Have an invigorating day!

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