Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

How are you?  How did you fare during our season of transformation?  If the recent stressful aspects among Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto intersected with sensitive points in your natal astrology or the astrology of your business, I’m sure you feel you’ve been through a baptism of fire!  And if you were one of the fortunate ones only peripherally touched by these energies, you’ve probably been called upon to shepherd other people through them, which can be exhausting too.

This week begins a period of assimilation, supported by two factors.  Mercury retrograde is excellent for taking a break from our usual mental stance and allowing our intuitive faculties to come to the fore.  And the Sun in Virgo marks a period of digestion and absorption of the activity of the past two months.  These two factors give us a break from focused action in which we can review and reflect upon what has just passed and where we want to go from here.

Not that this is necessarily easy.  The high dose of Pluto energy all summer (or winter for those in southern latitudes) may have revealed aspects of ourselves, our businesses, or those around us that may need to change.  However it’s the nature of these outer planet transits that, although we are extremely uncomfortable, we don’t see the clear route to resolution right away.  So these next few weeks will call on our patience, as we let practical solutions rise to the surface in their own time.  This kind of period calls us on our trust in process and as business owners and leaders this may not be our strong point.  Used to boldly forging ahead, it may take all of our will to let matters take their natural course.

The Full Moon on Tuesday can help us see how deep personal humility and surrender to the natural forces in our lives can actually bring our personal desires to fruition.  We started this lunar cycle with the Sun and Moon in Leo and initiated a bold, even audacious idea.  Now with the Sun in Virgo and the Full Moon in Pisces we learn how effective leadership depends on building a support team, utilizing the right tools, and staying grounded as we implement our idea with step by step precision plus a conscious intention to surrender.

Does this sound harder than the summer just passed?  Sometimes a crisis is so engaging the absorption period is a bit of a letdown, the calm after the storm.  Just rely on that retrograde Mercury to continue to feed you useful information from your deep, more hidden stores of wisdom.  Then these next couple of weeks can be more fruitful than the past few months altogether, as you assimilate and begin to apply all the lessons you’ve recently learned.

Have a restorative week.

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