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Good Day!

As I write this, my cat is draped across my keyboard.  Every time my fingers get near his face, which is right by the ‘enter’ key, he reaches out with his paws to grab my hand.  He’s trying to settle me down; he wants to sleep.

In a way I can’t blame him.  The August heat in El Paso is drifting in the window:  too hot to be comfortable but not hot enough for air conditioning.  And the Taurus Moon does like to relax and leave productivity to another time.  But the Sun in Virgo with the Moon in Taurus means this is the disseminating phase of the lunar cycle, so there’s still work to do.

Let’s review where we’ve been this month.  The New Moon was on August 9 in Leo; both the Sun and Moon were in the creative and self-expressive sign of the lion.  This potentially led us to an audacious idea for a new advance in our business.  By August 24, we’d reached the Full Moon with the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces.  Our audacious idea had to come down to earth and become practical and implementable without losing its imagination and zest.  And by that time Mercury had gone retrograde, so we probably had to put some aspects of our project on the back burner.

The Full Moon was a week ago.  The current phase of the Moon is about getting our idea out to our customers and community, of explaining the benefits to our employees, of meeting with influential people within and outside of our company to push our product out into the market.

Early today, while the Moon is still in Taurus, it’s best to have face-to-face meetings directly with our customers and demonstrations of the value of our product and service.  Later in the day, as the Moon moves into Gemini, focus more on technological media and marketing techniques.  Be sure to include a teaching component in your marketing efforts, especially in the next couple of days while the Moon passes through Gemini.

Don’t be surprised if you run into some feedback that makes you need to tweak your product.  There may be setbacks and the need for reengineering.  This is natural at this phase and even more likely with the retrograde Mercury.  And be sure to bring a wider team into the knowledge of and ability to sell your product.  Soon you will need to hand-off the project to others completely, so start getting them ready to carry the torch now.

By the way, I had to move the cat.  Writing is part of my product and I couldn’t let him stand, really lie, in my way.  Even if the Moon is in comfort-seeking Taurus, it is time to get some work done!

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