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Good Day!

Even though many of us are back from the long weekend, don’t expect this to be an active, productive day.  We are in the very darkest phase of the Moon today, with the New Moon very early tomorrow morning.

The dark phase of the Moon is excellent for letting things go, clearing our desks, and preparing the space for something unique and new to come.  You could think of it as similar to setting up a new office for a coming employee or setting up a nursery for the coming birth of a child.

This dark phase of the Moon can be experienced in different ways.  It can be a time of anticipation, even excitement as you imagine and dream of the future.  It can also be a time of grieving over the ending of a beloved project or what did not come to pass.  It is a monthly phase of transition and is often a time of “not knowing,” which can be incredibly uncomfortable for action-oriented business types.

Today’s very dark Moon in Virgo is in aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, so the new may come as a mandate from the power centers in our world:  the government, other businesses, banks, insurance companies, the military.  Your marching orders will come, just not from the sector you might expect!

The Moon also meets with retrograde Mercury in Virgo today, which may bring a message about a concrete action you need to take…eventually.  Try to hold off for a couple of days.  It’s a good day for communication and for getting to the very heart of a matter that needs resolution, but not a great day to actually resolve the issue.  Just stay open, take in as much as you can, keep your senses peeled for the unusual and leave it at that today.

The seed of the new that is conceived at tomorrow morning’s New Moon may not become apparent for a couple of days, so hold tight.  Try not to jump in just to have something to do.  And rest and recoup, if you can.  For every time there is a season, and the season of activity will be here soon.

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