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Good Day!

First an update on my SPR (Straight to the Point Response) Service.  I am so proud of the people who have gotten in touch.  The questions have been very practical and thoughtful and without exception have been clearly answered by looking at the astrology of the situation.  The movements of the planets really do correspond with the various phases of people’s lives, including their business lives.  Based on the consistently positive feedback, it has been very helpful to people to understand where they are in the cycles of their professional lives.

But that’s not why I’m proud.  I’m proud because I am starting to see these folks make changes in response to the information.  Knowing where they stand astrologically seems to free people to do what they had wanted to do anyway; the information simply verified what they were feeling.  Now as they share their progress with me I detect a clear note of glee as they proceed.  Whether they have changed direction, remained in their present circumstances, or branched out into something new, each one is courageously stepping forward, armed with the knowledge that they are in tune with the stars.  To all of you:  I wish you the very, very best and can’t wait to see what unfolds from here.  Bravo!

Have you felt the New Moon today?  You may experience a lower energy level but that’s because a lot of your focus is engaged in subtle detection of what’s new, whether you are conscious of this or not.  Something has been birthed, and in Virgo it probably has very concrete and practical applications.  It may be something related to diet or health; on the other hand Virgo also rules employment, labor, and our daily work so you might see potential in these areas.  It could easily reveal a need for change and transition, as Virgo is a transitional sign just before the equinox.  This whole lunar cycle could be about letting something go, but with a very detailed and specific plan to do so!  In a best case scenario, whatever is revealed will lead to a new spirit of service.

The worst case scenario for the New Moon in Virgo can be worry:  worry about employment or health; worry about your customers and contracts; worry about the economy and its impact on your financial well-being.  Try not to indulge in this kind of thinking.  If your situation is unstable, then do what Virgo does best:  gather a few trusted advisors and make a plan.  Make it thorough, practical, and step-by-step with spreadsheets, timelines, milestones, and all the rest.  Then follow it to the letter over the next month.  And don’t broadcast it!  Keep it for your eyes only and your trusted few.  You may be surprised how much confidence you will build in yourself if you follow the natural tendencies of Virgo.

Have a wonderful day.  You may detect the next clue in your business journey today.

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