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Good Day!

Today the Moon begins to emerge from the aura of the Sun and heads out to bring our new idea into manifestation.  We should all know now what our next project is, what new process we will guide and shepherd to fruition over the next three weeks.

If you weren’t struck with inspiration in the last couple of days then this is a good time to commit to an idea or short project you’ve been meaning to get to but haven’t found the time.  There is a rising of energy now as the Moon grows to fullness and it’s time to catch that wave.  If you need ideas, think about Virgo and what Virgo loves.  Here are some ideas you can pick from:

  • Diet and health
  • Digestion and assimilation
  • Work and service
  • Employment matters; human resources projects
  • Pet-related matters
  • Efficiency and Documentation
  • Accounting and Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Training and Delegation

I must tell you that I awoke on the morning of the New Moon with a tune on my mind, an original tune without words.  This happens to me occasionally:  I’m inspired with something that is far beyond my capabilities to actually manifest.  In the past I’ve been given entire novels, science experiments, fully written songs, and fully realized paintings as I come into waking consciousness.  Actually I usually have so many ideas that I can’t possibly pursue them all.  This is where the Virgo traits of discrimination and practicality come in handy.  But in this case I did get up and hum the tune into my digital voice recorder for later.

Today the Moon in Libra forms its first separating aspect with the Sun.  It’s like the idea that was conceived between the Moon and Sun has to change in order to grow.  With the Moon in Libra, it’s time to bring other people into collaboration early in the game.  In order to solidify your idea you need input from others.  Now is the time to share candidly and let other people contribute; in other words, during this lunar cycle your project idea immediately becomes a joint effort rather than a solo voyage.

And with the Moon forming harmonious aspects to Neptune and Mars later in the day, the people you involve may not be at the desk next to you.  Stay open to the possibility that the true aid may come from a meeting of far-flung minds.  If you can, use social networks and cloud meetings to flesh out your idea.

By next week, Mercury will have turned direct and then it’s full speed ahead!  Have a great weekend.

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