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Good Day!

Yesterday we spoke about the waxing Moon in Sagittarius urging us to take our New Moon idea out of the box and broaden its scope.  We also noted that Mars moved into Scorpio and discussed the meaning of this powerful transit and how we might experience it.  I asked you to be on the lookout for any Mars in Scorpio occurrences in your day, noting that when a planet changes signs it may bring to our notice something that exemplifies its behavior in the new sign.

Have you noticed anything yet?  Mars entered Scorpio late last night, so we’re giving it a two-day window to show itself.  And yet with Scorpio, the sign of mysteries and secrets, will we notice anything at all?

I did.  I experienced both the Moon in Sagittarius and Mars in Scorpio.  Here’s how it played out.

My New Moon idea was to expand my accounting and tax work, to take on a few new clients.  I’ve been playing with the idea and sending out some feelers to former clients and others I thought may be interested.  Then yesterday, wham!  I had this idea to market to a very large former client.  That was the Moon in Sagittarius:  why only a few new clients, why not go after something really BIG?

This was fine and manageable, even exciting to expand the scope and imagine an even wider horizon.  But then Mars in Scorpio came on the scene.  All of a sudden I was obsessed with the idea.  My mind started racing to the point I had to stop work and walk around in my back yard to try to work off some of the energy.  Every detail of the proposal, every piece of the plan, every obstacle and its solution were burning in me.  And then, as I settled back at my desk, I noticed the visceral Mars in Scorpio feeling I spoke about in yesterday’s post.

The feeling was super-charged emotionality.  It felt like my whole life depended upon securing this client and that sure devastation would follow if I was not successful.  It felt like my very survival depended on it.  I experienced the full force of the Mars desire, but in Scorpio bottled up, contained, and wreaking havoc with my state of mind

Having just written about this yesterday, I recognized it for what it was.  And I have experienced it enough times in my life to be wary of decisions I make under this influence.  I need a much more measured approach, fueled by this intention, but much more rationally pursued.

I do want to secure this client and I have made an appointment to speak to the managing director.  But it’s not life and death, just another business goal to achieve.  But it feels way more critical than that, and that’s Mars in Scorpio.

How about you?  Anything to report?

By the way, later today the Moon enters Capricorn and forms aspects with both Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn.  The Moon could deliver a key message to prepare us for this weekend’s configuration between Mars and Pluto, so be on the lookout tonight.  In case you missed it, you can read more about this aspect in the weekly forecast.

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