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Good Day!

Today is relatively quiet but Saturday is gangbusters, and these planetary events are so powerful there’s no reason you wouldn’t be feeling them already.  Indeed they’ve been coloring the entire week.

Mars & Pluto

Mars in Scorpio forms an easeful aspect with Pluto in Capricorn on Saturday, which carries forward the tenor we’ve seen all week.  Pluto turned direct on Monday and Mars entered Pluto’s sign, Scorpio, on Tuesday.  We’ve cited examples of this combination all week so if you missed them be sure to check the prior posts.  And don’t miss the comments as readers shared their own stories.

With the harmonious aspect, there’s an open door for more revelations of hidden matters, whether these have been concealed from you by others or you’ve been concealing them from yourself.  There’s a great deal of power released when the truth bubbles to the surface so you may feel these new disclosures instigate a whole new purpose within you.

You may be taken aback and need to seclude yourself to adjust to the reality you glimpse over the next couple of days.  As much as we’d like to think we favor honest revelations, sometimes they require us to modify our own behavior.  Mars in Scorpio demands that we drop our own desires in favor of working in concert with others and for some of us, that’s hard!  And Pluto in Capricorn reveals the stark reality of our business and economic situations.  So it’s no picnic.

Jupiter & Uranus

The other major aspect is so different that I’m eager to see how they both play out together.  While Mars in Scorpio with Pluto is everything secretive, instinctual, defensive, and self-protective, there is also a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction exact on Saturday.  Jupiter and Uranus are bright, rational, clear, and future focused.  The two separate aspects are within two hours of each other Saturday evening (MDT), a one-two punch.

Jupiter and Uranus meet in their travels around the zodiac about every fourteen years.  Due to retrograde motion they may contact each other three times within a few months and then move apart again.  The current cycle began with their first contact on June 8 with both planets in the sign Aries.  Now both in retrograde motion, they meet in Pisces and will turn around to meet again in direct motion in Pisces in January.

I’m fascinated by the planets’ foray into Aries and then backing up into Pisces.  Aries is considered the first sign of the zodiac, the sign associated in the northern hemisphere with Spring.  When they met in June both planets were within the first degree of Aries.  Aries is the spark of individuality, the single organism separating from the collective and standing on its own.  But now they both moved back into Pisces!  It’s like that first fish that sprouted lungs, scratched onto the shore, takes one breath, and runs back into the sea!

To bring this into business terms, we were likely to really feel inspired in June under the first Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries:  a new business, a new venture beckoned us; a break from the past seemed a reality.  And then both planets turned retrograde.  All of a sudden there were holes in our plan; the energy fell out; our enthusiasm waned.  As Jupiter and Uranus inched back into Pisces, our spark of Aries independence waned.  We fell back into a pattern from the past, one much less entrepreneurial and individualistic.  If you were experimenting with new business forms, you probably reverted.  If a new product idea seemed feasible, you probably had to let it go.  If you engaged new clients, the relationship may have stalled.

On Saturday Jupiter and Uranus meet again in retrograde motion.  Deep in the recesses of your mind, there is a new idea being born.  Yes, it may bear a resemblance to something you thought was left behind for good.  And while both planets are in retrograde motion, it may be hard to clearly distinguish the next step for your business innovation and that’s OK – it’s not time for a fully baked idea yet.  But if you listen carefully, you may hear the stirrings of your next big move, even if it sounds familiar.

One or Both?

So which will you experience, the subterfuge and power issues of Mars, Pluto, and Scorpio or the creative business idea of Jupiter and Uranus?  Let’s keep our senses peeled and continue to share in the comments what the next two days bring.

Have a revealing weekend!

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