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Good Day!

Two days before the Full Moon, today is a day to let the currents pull you and your team toward the culmination stage in your current project.  You don’t have to do anything but avoid resistance:  the energy just before the Full Moon is a building force and all you have to do is go with it.

The Moon is Pisces brings ultra-sensitivity and a willingness to allow a whole vision to emerge.  Disparate viewpoints merge into coherence, making today ideal to put the finishing touches on a task or project you’ve been overseeing.

The Moon is also in harmony with Venus in Scorpio today which should take the edge off of any competition or subtle undermining that’s been going on.  The best of Venus comes out today, which means creativity and feelings of camaraderie.  Even your relationships with normal antagonists could flow into a working partnership today.

Today is also a day to keep your senses tuned to the next big thing, as the Sun in Virgo opposes the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Pisces.  This conjunction receives the full light of the Sun today.  Something transformative is being conceived both societally and personally; the conjunction is the very beginning of a new cycle between Jupiter and Uranus and only comes around every fourteen years.  There will be three exact contacts of the conjunction at the beginning of this new cycle.  One occurred on June 8, the second is today, and the third is in early January.  This whole period from June to January is seeding the growth and innovation which will carry our businesses for the next decade and a half.

We have a good chance to get a glimpse of our next breakthrough today but we have to be aware of where to look for clues.  The news is a good place to start.  As you listen to or read the news today try to get the sense of where society is going from here.  Since the conjunction is in Pisces, be sure to especially tune in to the kinds of fields Pisces rules:  fashion, healthcare, the arts, the seas, liquids, physics and mathematics, spirituality, planetary awareness, and caring connection across unrelated groups.

Jupiter and Uranus both function on the level of intuition, so as you take in the day just let the information flow in.  Don’t try to categorize it or analyze it.  Just absorb it.  It will kick off processes in your mind that will rise to the level of awareness on their own with today’s solar opposition.

Today is a day to read the clues and get a sense of the future.  If you spot anything, share it with all of us in the comments.  You never know who will provide the spark for someone else’s breakthrough. Guesses are also fine under this influence; see what you can imagine!

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