Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

After a relatively quiet past week, we now encounter the most active week of the month.  With Moon waxing to Full, it’s time to exert ourselves to push a recent business project to completion.  But we must do this in the midst of Mercury and Mars encountering the outer planets and channeling their energies into our personal and business lives.  The wider world interrupts our personal worlds this week just when we need to show something for our efforts.  (A note:  although I’ve outlined the week in a day-by-day format, most of these influences affect at least two days before the exact contact.)


On Monday, Mercury in Libra links up with Neptune in Aquarius.  Mercury represents our rational minds and thinking processes and when Mercury is in Libra we are apt to be fair-minded and positive.  However we also tend to vacillate when making decisions because we can see all angles of every issue.  Hooked up with Neptune, this tendency could get worse for a few days.

The best way to work with this aspect is to let yourself be inspired by everyone, but steer away from decisions for a couple of days.  Your insights are valid but you could mislead yourself about the scale of their application.  Just take in the information now; decide what it means later.


More Neptune influence on Tuesday, this time channeled through the Sun in Libra.  This is an intuitive and creative aspect, good for connection, inspiration, and design.  But there is a marked shortage of practicality.  You may imagine a future full of possibilities, but completely miss the fact that hard work and financial resources will be necessary.  Like with the Mercury aspect above, let yourself be influenced by input from afar but remember that anything that seems too good to be true, usually is.


Today is better for practical insight and in-depth analysis as Mercury enters Scorpio.  While Mercury is in Scorpio it’s a good practice to scrutinize all documents carefully and take special pains to speak only the truth, based on facts and data.

Additionally, Mars in Scorpio is linked harmoniously to Jupiter in Pisces today.  This is an excellent day for working constructively to actualize a favorite goal, especially something you were unable to achieve in the past.  Effort and vision combine today with one caveat:  when the opportunity comes, you have to take action and grab it.  It could just as easily slip by if you’re not paying attention.


Friday is a powerhouse and needs careful handling.  All day we should work on completing a current project and getting it ready for the public.  This is fine; every Full Moon is like this.  And with this Full Moon in Aries we might be inclined to just let the troops proceed on their own, energetically and independently.

But today Mars encounters Neptune.  This combination can lead to indecisiveness, disillusion, confusion, and loss of will power.  However, there is an approach which can yield dynamic results.  Small, incremental goals will motivate people today.  Step by step progress will keep the energy moving.  You could easily overwhelm your team if you try to inspire with the big picture.  Keep the focus narrow and compelling with rewards for each completed step.  By the end of the day, the job will be done.


On Saturday, the Sun leaves the sign Libra and enters Scorpio.  Scorpio is a creative and resourceful sign, easily able to address financial or other shortfalls you may be experiencing in your business.  The atmosphere in your business may become more personal and emotional; you may need to deal with issues of trust, loyalty, and betrayal over the next month.  Your leadership role will include making sure problems are put on the table and dealt with fairly and accountably.


I know it’s Sunday, but if you are working this can be the most creative day of the week.  Mars in Scorpio meets Uranus in Pisces and this is the recipe for technical creativity, problem-solving, and re-engineering.  Mars represents the people in your business getting the work done and interacting with customers.  If you gather your front line team and your strategists into some kind of meeting or conference, a few hours of collaboration could translate into many months of innovative ideas with workable strategies to achieve them.

I’d say that’s enough for one week, wouldn’t you?  Have a great, dynamic week and let me know how it goes!

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