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Good Day!

As I mentioned in this week’s forecast, Scorpio is a prevalent energy this week and today is no exception.  The Sun in Scorpio forms a harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.  The Sun represents the most outer and controllable part of ourselves, our ego and our ability as leaders.  Pluto, the planet most closely aligned to the sign Scorpio, represents the most unconscious and uncontrollable part of our lives.  The most apparent outer part meets with the most hidden inner part:  what will be the result?

Pluto in Capricorn represents the upheaval and transformation we are seeing in the massive structures in our world:  government, religion, the economy, industry, and the military, to name a few.   In a most interesting part of astrological philosophy, these most outer and distant edifices in our lives are seen as a projection of our most unconscious inner lives.  Under this philosophy we can never blame our difficulties or reversals of fortune on the wide world out there because any conflicts there are reflections of conflicts inside of us.  If we are having trouble with our board of directors or the IRS or changes in our industry, this is actually the result of deep and transforming adjustments going on within ourselves.

The opportunity of a day like today (and really this is strong enough to influence the whole week) is that this aspect can bring to our conscious minds a recognition of the part we are playing in our own troubles, and the determination to change ourselves and thereby change our fortunes.  And if you’ve reached this point of recognition it’s probably not the first time this year you’ve seen it.  You may have seen a similar pattern which keeps emerging time after time – today is the day you can resolve it.

And here’s a hint for where to look:  conflict.  Many of us subscribe to conflict avoidance – it is one of the most common characteristics of business culture.  Most people want to be liked and don’t want to create tension with people they interact with day after day.  In comes the blessing of Scorpio.  I’ve never known a person strongly influenced by Scorpio who was afraid of conflict.  It’s like the Scorpio energy has a penchant for digging up whatever is uncomfortable, secret, or dysfunctional and laying it bare for all to see.  And this is exactly what is needed and what is offered under today’s aspect.

So how do you keep it friendly and productive?  I’d love to hear your suggestions but I offer the following:

  • Get rid of blame.  When a company culture supports feedback without blame, fewer conflicts are shoved under the carpet, to collect there and erupt later.
  • Be honest with your employees and associates.  Your honesty will elicit others to be frank and above-board, warding off nasty surprises.
  • Be aware that the energy of conflict can evoke radically different solutions than may otherwise have been recognized.
  • As the leader, it’s your job to force disputes to the surface because of the valuable insights which can be gained.  One study found that “conflicts over seemingly technical issues such as procedures, schedules, and lines of authority were in fact proxies for underlying conflicts about values and norms.”  (Ronald Heifetz & Laurie Donald, Harvard Business Review)

So let’s celebrate this week’s Scorpionic environment by taking advantage of its revealing and purifying side.  There’s a lot to be gained and this honesty can lead to another area ruled by Scorpio:  profits!

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