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Good Day!

If your plans today include accomplishing anything with precision or logic, be sure to get it done early in the day.  Your mind should be sharp this morning; just watch for overblown ideas or thoughts focused too far into the future.  The Moon forms challenging aspects to Jupiter and Uranus this morning which can tend to make us bored with today’s work and much more interested in tomorrow’s.

After noon (MDT) the Moon moves into Cancer where it becomes the seventh celestial body in a water sign.  That’s seven out of ten “planets” in water signs.  That’s a lot of water!

Water signs represent the emotional currents that flow between us and this can manifest as one of those days which is either over the top happy or everything seems to hurt everyone’s feelings.  It may require extra sensitivity on our parts as we interact with colleagues and employees, especially if we tend to operate from our minds rather than our feelings.

When there is this much water around, conflict is bound to rise to the surface.  Deep-seated brewing resentments or jealousies could be revealed.  This is ultimately beneficial but needs careful handling. When so many planets are in water signs there can be a marked lack of objectivity, coupled with impractical solutions, and topped with a lack of confidence that things can change for the better.

Keep your eye on non-verbal behavior too; don’t assume that if everyone’s quiet, all is well.  Notice if people are smiling, smirking, rolling their eyes.  You may have to help guide your staff to more appropriate and positive expressions of what they are feeling.

I was just in a situation where I saw a very seasoned manager deal extremely effectively with a new staff member.  This new employee has very high expectations of herself, and was expressing non-verbal eruptions of frustration through moaning, sighing, and self-deprecating comments:  “I’ll never get this!”  This wasn’t directed at anyone but herself, but the energy was pouring into the atmosphere, upping everyone else’s stress levels.  I really admired how her supervisor pointed out to the new employee what she was doing and how it was affecting those around her, and counseled her kindly but pointedly that she would learn faster if she changed her approach to the work.  Later in the day I heard this new employee thanking her manager; she sincerely appreciated the feedback.  And everyone else in the office was grateful as well.

When the Moon is in Cancer people respond well to nurturing.  Perhaps eating a meal together or bringing goodies to the afternoon meeting will help people express themselves in appropriate ways.  We’re not looking for ultra-rationality today; the water energy has its own gifts to give which include creativity, compassion, empathy, and willingness to connect.  We just want to provide positive outlets for the flow so no one gets caught in a thunderstorm!

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