Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

What an interesting week this is!  Nearly every planetary relationship this week is waning – not just the Moon waning to the New Moon, but waning relationships between Venus and Pluto, Venus and Mars, Mars and Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus, and Mercury and Neptune.  In addition to all of this withdrawing planetary energy, retrograde Venus moves back into Libra.  Seems strange, doesn’t it?  I can’t wait to see how it all plays out and please share with us how your week unfolds.

Waning energy means matters are coming to a close, preparing for a new cycle to begin.  Our part is to let this happen, to let go of what is obviously ending whether these are projects begun in the last few weeks or initiatives in place since the beginning of the year.  If a matter has run its course, it’s much better to recognize it now than to tie up time and resources which could be used for more profitable endeavors.

The only energy moving in the other direction is the Sun and Saturn, and at the end of the week, Neptune resumes direct motion.  So let’s take a detailed look.


Something is begging to be revealed today: revealed, acknowledged and then left behind.  Since Venus is involved with both Mars and Pluto, there is another layer to be uncovered regarding a professional relationship or a financial commitment.  Are you sure your facts and figures are straight?  Is your staff telling you everything they know?

It would be a wise use of today’s energy to practice some MBWA, management by walking around.  Visit every desk or workstation and invite your staff to tell you something you don’t know, no holds barred.  Dig down deep; your freedom to move forward depends on some “inside information.”


This is the upbeat day of the week with the only waxing aspect between the Sun and Saturn.  When these two are on the field the subject is leadership and management.  We all know these are two different skills, but in small business you wear both hats, don’t you?  It’s time to test a new management style, perhaps one you glimpsed about a month ago when the Sun and Saturn met in conjunction.

One client just shared with me today that due to her frustration at her staff not getting things done she is testing a new, more commanding style and seeing results. This is a very seasoned leader and manager but she knows there is always something new to learn, something to try and improve.  Today you could recognize this new direction.

With Saturn, you may encounter resistance; this is natural.  It may even be coming from you, your inner rebel who doesn’t want to do the work even though you know the outcome will be solid.  Or you may feel uncertain or hesitant; this too is a natural reaction to a new vision.  But there’s something more to achieve and Saturn instills the discipline to do it.


The Sun and Moon meet in the sky for the New Moon in Scorpio today.  If you can get a moment or two to yourself you may actually feel the release of energy or power, a new possibility stirring.  The actual day of the New Moon is not the time to begin something new.  It’s best to wait a couple of days and let your inspiration take form in quiet.  Even if you’re quite sure about the next stage in your business, try to wait until early next week to set it in motion.  The weekend may hold some surprises that will enhance your idea.


On Saturday we get back to the down note with two waning aspects, one between Mercury and Neptune and one between Mercury and Uranus.  Mercury rules communications, data, and analytics and with the waning aspects it’s time to finish up a series of meetings and publish your reports.  The aspect with Neptune may make you feel there is still brilliance to be mined in your materials but it’s probably not true.  They were fine in their time but renewal will soon be necessary.

The aspect with Uranus today allows you to work constructively with a group to finish up and actualize a shared vision; expect radical and unusual viewpoints to arise and inventive solutions to technical difficulties.


Neptune resumes direct motion on Sunday.  The change in direction can bring confusion or feelings of loss to the surface.  We may know we’ve been through a massive shift but we’re not at all sure exactly what has changed or how to practically apply it to our businesses.  It will take a couple of weeks to adjust to the direct motion and then you’ll see your creativity and inspiration soar.

Venus in retrograde motion reenters Libra today, a sign she rules.  When Venus is in Libra, we find our day-to-day happiness in relationships, art, beauty, fashion, and generally getting along and supporting each other.  We are more than usually accommodating and willing to compromise.  Our social instincts are fair-minded and our business relationships more intellectual and rational.

Until Venus turns direct on November 18 this is not a good time for new contracts or professional relationships, or for major purchases.  Continue to review and reevaluate, but no major changes until after the 18th.

OK – have a great week!

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