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Good Day!

Today the Virgo Moon continues to wane, diminishing in light as we approach the New Moon on Friday.  Now is the time to finish up, let go, clean our desks, and get organized to receive and recognize the inspiration which will come at the New Moon.  This is the time for assimilation, documentation, and archiving.  Write that final report and get it off your desk.

This can be a very difficult phase of the lunar cycle for Type A leadership personalities who want to keep moving ahead constantly.  You may get some hints about your next project today, especially as the Moon forms aspects to Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in resourceful Scorpio and Jupiter and Uranus in intuitive Pisces.  If you see a potential, you’ll want to grab it and make it happen.

But not so fast.  This is a time to pause, if not for ourselves, then for those around us.  Encourage your staff to finish up their projects and then set their lives in order:  clear their emails, file hard copies, even clean the bathrooms and dust keyboards and screens.  This is an extremely important part of the natural cycle and one we all tend to skip when we’re moving too fast.  Then we get firmly into the next phase with clutter lingering from the past, and we wonder why we can’t keep up with everything.

The other possibility is that all the watery energy mixed with perfectionist Virgo will cause us to be too lost in our organizing.  Every email we file we’ll want to re-read; every magazine will call us on its way to the recycling bin.  Hours and hours can be wasted in the name of being thorough.  So watch for this too.  The Virgo Moon has an affinity with time; why not set a finite time for yourself and your staff and some reward at the end?  That will keep the energy moving at a clip right to the end of the project.

I once worked in an organization where two hours were set aside every Friday for documentation and archiving.  The only communications allowed during those two hours were those related to documentation.  It was remarkable how much could be accomplished during those two quiet hours and how often we turned to the documentation in the future.  And there was always tea in the café at the end for a bit of relaxing and conversation before heading back into productivity.

The Virgo Moon is excellent for this housekeeping.  If the piles around your office are bugging you (as mine are) allocate a few hours to put away the past.  Like getting a good haircut, this is our opportunity to break with the past and its lingering doubts or regrets.  Then everything will be fresh and ready when the energy begins to increase again next week.

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