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Good Day!

The following is from my Astro4Business Weekly Forecast for Thursday:

This is the upbeat day of the week with the only waxing aspect between the Sun and Saturn.  When these two are on the field the subject is leadership and management.  We all know these are two different skills, but in small business you wear both hats, don’t you?  It’s time to test a new management style, perhaps one you glimpsed about a month ago when the Sun and Saturn met in conjunction.

One client just shared with me today that due to her frustration at her staff not getting things done she is testing a new, more commanding style and seeing results. This is a very seasoned leader and manager but she knows there is always something new to learn, something to try and improve.  Today you could recognize this new direction.

With Saturn, you may encounter resistance; this is natural.  It may even be coming from you, your inner rebel who doesn’t want to do the work even though you know the outcome will be solid.  Or you may feel uncertain or hesitant; this too is a natural reaction to a new vision.  But there’s something more to achieve and Saturn instills the discipline to do it.

The Daily Good

I’ve recently found a new website called the Daily Good.  I wanted to share this quote and excerpt as it perfectly reflects today’s focus of Saturn in Libra.  Consistency, cooperation, and acting for the benefit of the whole group are qualities we are all developing under Saturn in Libra.  The following is from the Daily Good:

“If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative. –Author Unknown

Fact of the Day:
Ever wonder why some groups, companies, or communities flourish while others flop? Researchers say it’s the influence of a ‘consistent contributor’- ‘a person who always contributes, regardless of others’ choices.’ ‘The consistent contributor looks for the collective good first and personal good second,’ explains Risk Management Professor J. Keith Murnighan. The consistent contributor can drive the actions of others, acting as a catalyst for cooperation by altering the perceptions and actions of their fellow group members. They initiate cooperation, leading the way for others to follow suit. ‘…if someone consistently acts as a friend, it’s easier for others to act as friends and everyone benefits.’

Be The Change:
Identify consistent contributors in your workplace – and find out why they are so. See for yourself if they are happier, more recognized or more successful.”

Do you have a consistent contributor in your workplace?  Today would be a great day to thank them for their ongoing commitment and contribution.

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