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Good Day!

Today we enjoy a supportive aspect between Mercury and Saturn.  All week the lunar energy is building toward a culmination at the Full Moon on Sunday, yet this Mercury/Saturn aspect will make us question things like data security and earning a practical return for the time we’re investing.

With Mercury in Sagittarius our minds are likely to range far and wide.  You’ll be enthusiastic about communications, meetings, and global interactions and less likely to want to deal with the humdrum tasks in your local environment.  The whole time Mercury is in Sagittarius (November 8 – 30) we’ll have to tie ourselves to our desks; our instinctive impulse will be to roam free.  It’s actually good to build in some time for this kind of far-ranging, imagination-stoking wandering.  This is the natural time of the year for exploration and adventure, maybe not in a physical sense, but definitely in the mind.  If you really can’t get out, then this is a great time to read about topics foreign to you and discover new fields of interest.

If you allow some of that wandering today, you’re likely to run into someone who will resonate with your ideas and yet has some practical advice for you too.  Saturn in Libra is very keen to share wisdom and experience and the harmony between these two planets today will make us eager to listen to good advice.  In fact, why not round up a trusted advisor and take them to lunch today?  Let your minds ramble together and see if you don’t find a key to a new launch or venture.

I’m having a medical procedure tomorrow and with this aspect I feel I am in good hands.  Actually Mercury rules the hands and Saturn is the sense of authority, stability, and wisdom.  So I’m surrendering to the procedure with confidence and faith.

I am having a sedative for the procedure so I may not write a post tomorrow.  But here’s a reminder about our experiment we’re conducting this week.   From the Astro4Business Weekly Forecast:

There’s an astrological theory which says that on the day a planet resumes direct motion, it manifests a turn of events in our lives.  Let’s test this theory.  Both Venus and Jupiter resume direct motion on November 18 and both are very strong in signs they rule, Libra and Pisces – if there was ever a prime testing time, this week is it.  Take notice if you experience a turnaround in the matters mentioned above (professional relationships, money, creativity, art, job satisfaction, good public relations, new opportunities, expansion, foreign markets, philanthropy, justice and vision.)   We’re looking for real world turns and advancement: promotions, windfalls, proposals, etc.

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far here or on Facebook.  We’re really within the zone of manifestation now, so keep your senses peeled.

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