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Good Day!

Now that the end of the week has come, it’s time to collect your observations about the last few days.  With Venus and Jupiter resuming direct motion on Thursday, each in a sign it rules, we’re testing the astrological theory that we would have noticed a turn of events in the areas ruled by the two planets:  Venus ruling professional relationships, money, creativity, art, job satisfaction, and good public relations; Jupiter ruling new opportunities, expansion, foreign markets, philanthropy, justice and vision.   We were looking for real world turns and advancement: promotions, windfalls, proposals, etc.

Several of you have left comments about the week so far.  For myself, I’ve noticed a desire for more freedom (Jupiter) and less confinement in my typical routines.  Not a very powerful outward expression but one that mirrors what I described in the Weekly Forecast:  a feeling of release, relief, a returning excitement.

But I just heard from my brother, who is a one-star, Brigadier General in the U.S. Army.  On November 17, when the planets were at a standstill just before turning, he was notified that President Obama had recommended to Congress that he be promoted to the next rank, Major General.

Of course, I immediately looked at his chart.  I was expecting a Jupiter influence as he has Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius as his rising sign.  But to my surprise, it was the turning of Venus that marked his promotion.  Moving through his tenth house of career and public standing, Venus came to stillness exactly on his North Node in Libra.  The North Node denotes what we’re meant to accomplish in this life, the highest expression of our dharma.  This is a beautiful example of the turn of events we were expecting to see.  (This example also started me thinking more seriously about Venus as a war-goddess, as the Mesoamericans believed.)

It got me to wondering why some of us enjoyed an unexpected blessing, and some of us noticed nothing at all.  In my life Venus formed favorable aspects to my natal Moon and Jupiter also aspected my natal Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune.  But I haven’t noticed any particular outer manifestation of the turnaround.

So would you like to continue the data collection about this phenomenon?  Think back over the past week:  have you noticed any reversals of fortune?  Whether you have or not, let us know in the comments section.  If you’d like to include your birth data (place, time, and date) either in the comments or in a separate email to me at I will gather all the data and report back on what I find.

The more people to respond, the better; if all 120 regular readers report in, we’ll have a real sample to work from!  And remember, it’s just as important to let me know if something changed or nothing changed.  Only in this way can I look at all the charts objectively and see if there are patterns.

Thanks for your participation and have a great weekend.  I’ve got my HP tickets for tomorrow night.  Can’t wait!

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