Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

If I had to pick a theme for the week, I’d say it will be finding the balance point between our desire to expand, look afar, and interact with foreign soils, and our need to care for the emotional needs of others.  We’ve got lots of fire sign energy this week, with its motto “Don’t fence me in!” and lots of water energy, with its motto “Connect!”

We’ll all have to be careful not to polarize and take the side that is easier or more familiar to us and blame others for playing the other role.  If you tend to more fire, then you may feel that others are trying to trap you with their demands.  And if you tend to more water, you may feel that others are not as caring and careful as you are.  But both energies are at play this week and the more we can claim both sides ourselves, the smoother the week will go.


The Sun moves into Sagittarius today and it’s your astrologer’s birthday!  Sagittarius ushers in the time of year when our impulse is toward celebration and freedom.  I’ve always thought it was a reaction to the darkening of the days in the Northern Hemisphere; merriment in the face of the death all around us in the month before the Winter Solstice.

And for you Southern Hemisphere people it seems a natural celebration of the growing light, with all the hope it contains, the possibilities for expansion which are the heart of Sagittarius.


After the Full Moon on Sunday bringing our ideas and projects to fruition and display, this is the first point of adjustment, with a quincunx between the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Cancer.    Today we must adapt our plans to the needs of others, adjusting to the pull of emotional ties.  As great as our vision is, at this phase of the Moon we have to accept what is instead of what could be; this is the time to recognize the realities of our situation and take practical steps to align ourselves with these realities.  And the realities are likely to include the impact of our plans on our employees and family.  It’s the natural time to scale back and compromise.


Today holds a square between Mercury and Jupiter, a day when we’re peering out the window yearning for distant pastures, but our duties and/or morals require us to focus on emotional connection.  It’s not all challenging though, because both Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces understand the need for the imagination to roam.  How about roaming with a different group, or adding some eclectic members to your tribe?  If you’re celebrating the holiday, how about a different sort of festivity?  Service to others would be a great use of the energies of day, especially if there was a learning component involved.

If today is not a holiday for you, then I would schedule time for some wandering with others:  bookstores, museums, libraries, your local university.  All these activities take advantage of the day.


Today is the day to bring your project home, fully realized and perfected by the feedback you received earlier in the week.  The Sun and Moon move in harmony today in fire signs, so it’s time to cast a wider net and display your new product or project.  If you’ve scheduled a customer demonstration, everyone will appreciate a bit of dramatic flair.  Don’t be afraid to let your light shine today.

If you’re in retail, you know today can be one of the best days of the year.  Really go all out with lights; go over the top.  Today is a natural for a sense of fun and optimism.


Today Mercury in Sagittarius forms aspects to both Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces.  This indicates information and communications coming in from far and wide.  You’ve probably been yearning for some new images or input; they will come today if you look outside your local community to global interaction.  And yes, over the internet is certainly a possibility.


On Sunday we reach the 3rd Quarter Lunar phase.  It may feel too soon but it’s time to start letting the last project go, handing it off to others for further implementation.  With the Moon in Virgo your best move is to carefully and precisely hand it over to someone you trust.  Pass it on with specific instructions, even taking the time to document what has led to this point and your expectations for the future.  And then work on letting it go completely over the next week, to prepare open space for new inspiration at the New Moon.

And some news

Holidays and travel to London and Bruges are beckoning me; how can I refuse?  I expect my writing will be a little more spontaneous over the next few weeks as this Sagittarius goes exploring and making merry.  I think the best idea is to subscribe via the RSS feed above and then you’ll be notified by email whenever there is a new post.  I don’t want to lose touch with you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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