Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

This week holds two major astrological events in addition to the continuous waning of the Moon.

The Waning Moon

As the Moon loses more and more light and approaches the New Moon on January 4, this is the time to put the last minute touches on short-term projects, gain the final hand-offs and sign-offs, and clear your workspace of any clutter that has accumulated over the last few weeks.  You may have to let a project go, even if it isn’t finished.

You’ll find your mind more and more drawn to the future, even though that future is hazy at best.  That’s fine.  By the end of the week we will reach what Rael and Rudhyar, two master astrologers, call the “empty, dormant interlude between two cycles,” full of magic and mystery.  Let your imagination begin to create the next right thing, but don’t initiate anything until after the New Moon.

Mars challenges Saturn

On Wednesday, December 29, Mars and Saturn form an aspect of tension, tension we are likely to feel the entire week.  Mars is the part of us that desires action and movement.  You may find yourself or key managers wanting to take a stand, to choose between alternatives, and act.  This energy prefers to do anything, right or wrong, rather than nothing.

The Mars energy is somewhat modified by its travels through the sign Capricorn, which lends control and strategy to our impulses.  But when Mars meets Saturn this week we are still likely to experience frustration with anything that seeks to curtail our plans.  Even the advice above pertaining to the waning Moon might rub us the wrong way.  Mars wants to execute and Saturn and the waning Moon say, no!

This week will test us under pressure, particularly strong because both Mars and Saturn are very powerful in their respective signs of Capricorn and Libra.  You’ll probably run into a serious reality check or two in the form of limited resources or parental authority types.  Alternatively you may have to hold the reins in on team members who have the ball and want to run with it.  Plan first, and then you can let them act.

Mercury Direct

After three weeks of retrograde motion, Mercury resumes direct motion on Thursday, December 30.  The days just before the 30th can feel frustrating, as you’ve received the inspiration, have formed the new idea, but the pieces are not in place yet to act.  Once Mercury turns direct, it’s fine to get back to normal routines of travel, purchasing, and negotiating.  But remember, it may take a few days for your team to come out of the retrograde Mercury-induced slumber.  Best to wait until next week before demanding precision and accountability.

Have a wonderful New Year, and look for my new blog coming soon.  Something along the lines of “Studying the Stars:  a Lifetime of Learning.” The January Astro4Business forecast will be posted later this week.

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