Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hi, everyone.

The week ahead is packed full, with a full range of influences.  We will deal with past, present, and future, the mundane and the inspired, the near and the far, mental activity and outward achievement, all under the waxing Moon.  Mercury and Mars are front and center this week, our minds and actions intersecting the global forces in our lives and then moving into the next sign.

First Mercury

Early in the week Mercury holds full sway.  Since Mercury represents our thinking processes and the commercial part of our brains expect this week to full of interactions, communications, and negotiations.  With Mercury in Sagittarius we are eager to expand our world view and focus on the big picture.

Mercury is influenced by Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter on Monday and Tuesday.  Information will pour in, especially whatever is needed to finish up about a year’s worth of goals, projects, and intentions.  Your mind may be flooded:  TMI!  You could be overwhelmed by what’s coming in, and yet pieces will fall into place which have eluded you for a long time.  But in order to mine all this gold you’ll have to stay open to messages from distant realms.  These outer planets don’t tend to rely upon personal interactions for information.  They work through impersonal sources like the news, or something you may pick up listening to a piece of music, or during an idle moment on a social network site.

It’s likely your new point of view will require you to let something go, or at least make peace with something from the past.  This is good; on a macro level the whole week is about preparing for new inspiration and new endeavors in the next couple of months.

Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday.  Look for a news item or a conversation that brings a new understanding to your relationship with authority figures or a new slant on your business structure and traditional lines of authority and hierarchy.

Then Mars

A couple of days into the week, all this information translates into action.  Mars will travel over the same degrees as Mercury did, contacting the same planets from a different angle.  Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter will light a fire under Mars but again, it’s more about the desire to finish and hand-over a project that’s been in the works almost two years rather than instigating something new.

This could be tough because Mars in Capricorn wants to be productive in a tangible way and you may feel sure you know the right step to take about the future.  And while your intuition is probably spot-on, your opportunities this week will come in the form of reorganizing or rearranging old materials, cleaning up past mistakes, and clearing the decks for future endeavors.

Mars enters Aquarius on Saturday.  See if you notice the shift in your focus from the mechanics of running your business to more social or scientific aspects, such as research or technology.

Focusing on the Present

So all in all, you’re not wasting your time if your attention is drawn to finishing a major project from the past rather than striking out into a new direction for the future.  Your time is well-spent this week focusing on bringing the final touches to this project, supported by the additional information you receive early in the week.

The risk in all this is that you take your eye off the present.  We are in the waxing cycle of the Moon which requires us to focus on the near-term and getting the present work done.  Amid all the influences which draw our attention this week, there is still a need to simply sit in our workspace and produce.  With so much else going on, we don’t want to miss that this week is the prime part of the growth cycle of the matters at hand.  Reserve some space for what is right in front of you, letting your current project come to life.  It may need a second wind:  Lauren Bacall comes to mind.  What did she say?  “Just put your lips together and blow.”  Here’s a clip if you’d like to hear that classic line.

Have a great week and let me know how it all plays out!

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