Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello everyone.

There is so much going on this week and all of it impacts our personal lives.  The action involves the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, all personal planets.  This week is not about big, global, dramatic happenings but more about daily interactions in the close circle in our business lives:  our employees, our sales people, our products, communications and operations.  And all this against the backdrop of the final moments of the last Moon, the low energy of the New Moon, and the very first sliver of revelation of the new lunar cycle.

New Moon on Wednesday

Despite everything going on around you, your energy may really flag this week.   You may feel like you’re sleepwalking through situations or witnessing them from a distance.  That’s the energy of the New Moon.  Big things occur with each New Moon, but they happen very subtly.

If you really want to catch the wave it’s best to spend some time out of the fray, tuning in and listening.  But if you can’t get away, if the week is as busy as it looks like it will be, don’t worry.  The currents are there whether you notice them or not and they will carry you toward the next endeavor.  It’s just more fun to be informed beforehand!

Mercury and Venus change Signs

Mercury and Venus both change signs on Thursday:  Mercury enters Aquarius and Venus enters Capricorn.  The readers of this site have an ongoing assignment; would you like to join?  We’re testing the astrological principle that when a planet changes signs, an event related to its influence is noticeable in our world.  Thursday is an excellent day to be especially aware with two planets changing signs on the same day.  Let’s give it one day “orb of influence” on either side, being especially observant from Wednesday to Friday.

What to look for?  Mercury rules all forms of communication and business interactions and Venus rules partnerships, alliances, marketing, and public relations.  So in either case look for a change in tenor, a new association, a breakthrough, or a turn in direction.  Since each sign matures and corrects for the excesses of the last sign, we’re not looking for an out-of-the-blue, startling occurrence but rather an event that evolves a situation from one kind of activity to another.  Look for the same people stepping into a different situation.

The Sun is active too

On Friday the Sun conjuncts Mars, merging the two fire-starters of the heavens.  They meet in Aquarius, stamping their annual cycle with mental pioneering and group endeavors.  Just as with the New Moon, the activity of the conjunction can be subtle and you may have to be especially mindful to sense what these two are up to.  But they could ignite an idea that affects your operations over the next year’s time.  Look for invention and innovation.

This is the best day this year for a meeting between you and your operations or engineering staff.  The session could be hot and that’s OK.  Ingenuity can be born from that fire.

Then on Saturday, on Saturn’s-day, the Sun trines retrograde Saturn.  This is a day that “triggers events” according to Erin Sullivan in her excellent book, Retrograde Planets.  The whole focus of the retrograde cycle of Saturn, which lasts until early June, could become clear on Saturday.  Look for a Saturn influence, some hierarchy, system, regulation, or policy which just isn’t working and needs to be restructured. (To read more about Saturn Retrograde, including tips to work with retrograde Saturn, use this link.)

And more?

And there’s still more, but that’s enough, don’t you think?  Remember to be vigilant about Mercury and Venus changing signs.  Let’s see if we notice their influence.  Leave a note in the comments with anything you observe.

Have a great week!


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