Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous Flammarion woodcut (1888). (Source:Wikimedia Commons)

Hello, everyone.

This week we’re supported by the waxing Moon, the time of the month when projects take off and progress is easy.  You’ll find opportunities for growth and development of your ideas and you may see them take on a life of their own.  During the first few days of the week stay open to input from many sources; don’t put the cap on it too soon.

By Friday, when we reach the first quarter Moon, you will have to commit to one alternative over another.  It’s time to decide on your course of action.  Once you do, you’ll see your project unfold step by step, more like the tortoise than the hare.  You’ll have lots of time to get it done and lots of endurance to resolve the inevitable challenges that will come your way.

On Sunday the 13th the Moon moves into Gemini and communication will be key.  This is the time to talk about it and write about it.  The Sun in Aquarius mixes well with the Moon in Gemini; a speaking engagement at the beginning of next week would be ideal.  Can you arrange it?  If not, get your ideas out there on your social network; the wider it goes, the better.


On Wednesday Venus and Pluto meet in their annual tete-a-tete in practical Capricorn.   Venus and Pluto are both concerned with money.  Venus represents your personal and business finances, the deals on the table, the balance in your account, your financial negotiations with your employees, and how you use your financial sense to grow your profits.  Pluto represents vast resources like the global financial system, the economy, the banking structure, the stock market and investments.

When these two get together each year, it’s an annual start-over point.  It’s time to recognize the reality of your economic situation as well as the global situation and get them in sync again.  And once you’ve figured out what your company needs to do, it’s time to bring your staff into the know and create a new consensus.

I don’t mean this to sound dire.  You could realize that you can loosen the purse a little, that your financial condition has actually improved.  You may see that it’s time to invest again, in equipment or infrastructure or finally making that new hire.  We’re talking about alignment:  aligning your situation with the global environment and aligning your actions and those of your staff to the current reality, whatever it may be.

You’ll find that people are ready this week: your partners are on board and your bankers or investors are willing to look at a new plan.  Given the waxing Moon, this Venus/Pluto aspect is a sign of a new start, good numbers, and real progress.  So don’t be afraid to get real.

Nothing underhanded though.  You may have to develop your financial plans in secret and you probably should.  But with Pluto on the field, anything devious will be exposed in the end so resist that temptation.  Honesty is the only policy with this aspect.

Have a great week and let me know how it’s going in your business life!


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