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Hello everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day.  I hope your day is filled with sweetness and love.

This is a very interesting week.  We go up, up, up and over with the Full Moon on Friday so this accelerating energy will be with us all week.   The Sun moves from Aquarius into Pisces just after the Full Moon, but first it schedules its annual meeting with Neptune.  Mercury is also busy this week with an early week connection to Saturn, and a late week connection with Mars and Neptune.  And of course, Venus is not to be left behind during Valentine’s Week.

Let’s unpack the week day by day.


Monday is a highly creative day, yet grounded in realism and practicality.  Mercury in Aquarius forms a very compatible aspect with Saturn in Libra.  Mercury is “exalted” in Aquarius and Saturn is “exalted” in Libra.  This means that these energies are very well-suited to these signs, and on Monday, the aspect makes it all the more so.  This should be an excellent day, one of the best of the year, for meetings and communications that lead to long-term commitment.

You’ve got the gift today, so if you need to appeal to higher authorities, today is the day to do it.  As long as you communicate inventively, you will get all the support you need.  This is a great day for presentations to large groups.   You will be received very well and can begin long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Don’t overthink it, though.  This aspect builds on decisions you’ve already taken.  The process is already in motion.  You just need to follow the rhythm as the potential unfolds.


On Tuesday we will feel the energy gearing up toward the Full Moon.  These next couple of days is the time to push your project to be ready to present on Friday.  The key will be bringing other people in close.  The Moon in Cancer brings a need for family-type bonding among employees and co-workers.  If you fulfill that need, you will get the support you’re looking for.  With the Sun in Aquarius, you may not be inclined to be all touchy-feely but you should adjust your attitude and do what it takes to bring everyone on board.

One caution though:  don’t get hung up on what isn’t working about your endeavor.  Focus on what is.  This lunar energy needs to be allowed to fulfill itself and it will with the Full Moon on Friday.  So let it flow!


On Thursday the Sun meets Neptune in Aquarius for the last time.  By this time next year, Neptune will have moved into Pisces and the Sun and Neptune will meet in that new sign.  Today’s aspect will open up a new possibility, a potential to take advantage of the Neptune energy in Aquarius before it moves into Pisces.

Neptune in Aquarius since 1998 has emphasized the desire to work and live without borders, endeavoring to bring equality to all, sharing responsibility for resources, and distributing technology to the corners of the world.  The free exchange of knowledge through technology has come to almost everyone and brought global changes which were unimaginable before.

Take advantage of today’s Sun/Neptune conjunction by opening yourself to the inspiration that comes from the global community.  This would be an excellent day to have your staff take off from their normal duties and connect with each other, brainstorm, or simply spend the day surfing the net to see what inspires them.  Then gather at the end of the day and share all the best ideas, whatever is really out-of-the-box.  Creative roaming is called for today, and it will inspire your next moves for sure.


Friday is a powerhouse with the Full Moon in Leo, Venus and Saturn sparring, and the Sun entering the sign of Pisces.

The Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and Moon in the sky and it can play out in two ways.  Opposition, of course, is always a possibility with the Full Moon as tensions run high and competing factions deadlock.  Or the energy can yield into balance and compromise, with both groups supporting each other to a better outcome for each.  It’s up to you, the leader, to manage this creative conflict.

With the Moon in dramatic Leo, you might want to make it fun.  Stage some kind of competition or event where your employees can showcase their best ideas.  Award points for artistic presentations.  And with the Sun in Aquarius, make sure people present in teams, with everyone getting a chance to shine.  See if the whole group can find the balance point as to which ideas get the green light.

A few hours later, you’ll bring it down to earth with the Venus/Saturn square.  Venus in Capricorn makes us fully aware of financial constraints and we will want to add practicality to creativity.  Even though the square aspect can be stressful as you choose between alternatives, in this case Venus is in Saturn’s sign, Capricorn, and Saturn is in Venus’ sign, Libra.  These two know and understand each other.  They both want discipline and reliability in business alliances.  They both favor long-term contracts over short-term.  They both want it in writing.  They both want the practical details spelled out and joint interests protected.  They both prefer austere, formal, no-nonsense interactions.  They’re both into legalese.  If you can align with this energy today, your decision may not be so stressful after all.

Late in the day the Sun enters the sign Pisces.  This is the time to breathe, to review the week, to take in a movie or toast the week with a glass of good wine.  Lots of progress will have been made this week.  It’s time to acknowledge it and relax.


Most of us don’t work on Sunday, but this week it’s an excellent day for leadership, communications, and progress.  If you can schedule a workshop or mini-conference, you’ll be able to take advantage of Mercury, Mars, and Neptune meeting in Aquarius.  This is another powerful combination which brings your intellect, your ability to take action, and inspiration and creativity in alignment.

Look also to your social network and news from near and far to incite an original and unique new idea or product.  The more you interact with others around the globe, the more innovative your own thinking will become.   Your mental activities will be at a peak on this day as well as your willingness to act on inspiration.  Engineering, mechanics, physics, and technology are all favored today.  This week, rest on Saturday and make the most of this unique combination on Sunday.

A great week, a wonderful week, don’t you think?  And all gearing up to the major Jupiter/Pluto configuration next week, so stay tuned.


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